How does checkmate control work in Destiny 2 Crucible?


    Announced in February 2023, Bungie has finally implemented Checkmate Control in Destiny 2’s Crucible Labs. This is a mode that focuses heavily on gunplay rather than skills and feels much more like a contemporary shooter. than any other mode of the science fiction title. Here’s how it works and what weapons will help set you up for success.

    Destiny 2 Checkmate Rules and Modifiers

    Checkmate drastically reduces the charge time of Guardians’ supers and abilities. Unless you’re employing a very specific build and have the skills to charge up that super meter through kills, chances are you won’t get a super the entire match.

    Additionally, there is more time to kill and special ammo does not reset upon death. This prevents people from guarding lanes with sniper rifles and encourages a bit more weapon variety. However, special ammo can still be obtained by killing and capturing points. Although it is still in its infancy, there is a meta evolution, and Bungie is making adjustments quickly.

    Otherwise, it’s your standard Control game. Capture points and get kills. The team with the most points wins. It’s a lot like PvP when Destiny 2 launched, as teams tend to move in groups to compensate for the increased time to kill (TTK). I’m personally a fan because it means you’re not being killed repeatedly by the same Guardian with a walking super.

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    The best weapons for checkmate control

    • Fiery Hammer (Adept): This 120 RPM Trials hand cannon continues to dominate across the board in PvP and cleans up well in Checkmate.
    • Conditional purpose: This is a common combination with Igneous Hammer. Since special ammo does not deplete upon death and can be obtained by limiting points, Guardians can always quickly swap it out instead of reloading it.
    • Vex Mitoclast: This auto rifle works exceptionally well in its default mode, but by activating the Temporal Unlimiter perk it has the potential to take out a Guardian in one shot.
    • The Immortal (Adept): Another Trials weapon and an SMG that allows you to get close to and destroy a Guardian. It’s not as risk-free since the 9/28/2023 update, but it’s still a viable strategy.
    • The dead man’s tale: This exotic scout rifle is great for dominating from afar thanks to the reduced sniper presence in Checkmate. As always, it’s a dream to shoot.
    • Replacement Rations: Another 140 RPM hand cannon, this is a solid choice for those who don’t have Igneous Hammer. It recently became available for those who wanted to do some fishing.
    • There is no time to explain: This exotic pulse rifle has the ability to open portals to other timelines where bullets will riddle your target. It is a great tactic to consume the most health of your opponents.

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