Building a Star Wars Star Destroyer is killing Starfield’s FPS.


    When it came to Starfield, perhaps the biggest draw for many was being able to craft their own ships. This gave them the opportunity to build what would become their perfect ship for piracy, smuggling, and zipping across the stars.

    While the shipbuilder’s final product is quite complex and has scared off some enthusiasts, others have taken its immense customization and run with it. Starfield is already known for building the biggest and craziest ships they can. Now, there’s a new build fit to take over the galaxy.

    A starfield fan builds the entire Star Destroyer.

    Sharing a veritable beast of a thing in the Starfield Ships subreddit (which is worthy of a troll in itself), Reddit user DotElectronic7174 has revealed his monster ship for exploring the galaxy. It’s safe to say it’s worthy of a Sith Lord, and we can imagine Lord Vader sitting behind its controls.

    The problem is that the Starfield Star Destroyer comes in at 20,796 in mass, with 33,280 kg available for cargo. The ship is so beautiful that the OP revealed in the comments that it brings down the game’s normal 60 fps.Like 15,“Drag to actually stop the game.

    Things are slow and some turrets sometimes malfunction and stop firing.” he says in another comment.It’s not practical at all but it was worth it.” Star Wars fans will definitely go to the build and see their game crawl at a snail’s pace so they can channel their inner Vader.

    Fans react to the incredible Starfield Star Destroyer.

    Click to enlarge.

    Reddit – DotElectronic7174

    You have to make a blueprint for it, I want it so bad,“Looking for a Star Destroyer myself,” says one user in the comments.‘My version,’“says another.”No, it’s a star destroyer.

    In response to a commenter asking what it looks like when it’s parked, the OP responded with a picture of what it looks like when the ship lands in New Atlantis. It looks like a very strange angle, with the mighty Star Destroyer looming large.

    With someone there building a gun-sized ship or a magic school bus, Starfield’s Star Destroyer is pretty crazy. It’s an indication of how amazing some of these builds can be, and after seeing so many Millennium Falcon builds, it makes a nice change.


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