b>Metharise/b> Former Front mission mobile game gets rebranded with new name



    At the time of Front Mission 2089: Borderscape, it looks like ZlongGames and BlackJack Studio have decided to stop using Square Enixs Front Mission IP as an extension of the games’ brand identity. It was recently named Mecharashi (Chere) and the Chinese dubbed player to attract a limited test to play at the moment of the event. As well as the global launch, the progress towards a new destination will be worth it.

    If you didn’t know, the developer BlackJack Studio is the team behind the very successful Langrisser Mobile, a tactical strategy RPG similar to Mecharashi. In the game, different mecha units are assigned to one’s unique human operators. Many players could customize these machines by themselves, but most of them are limited to paint jobs. It looks like body parts have been altered, which impacted the look of the whole body. But let’s wait for the more official details.



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