Blizzard is set to keep the World of Warcraft narrative fresh nearly 20 years later.


    The world of gaming A household name for many years, many characters have come, gone, and occasionally returned since 2004. Since then, new expansions have been released, and Azeroth has become home to more than just Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. Now, it’s also home to the Dragon Islands, in its latest expansion World of Warcraft: Dragonflight.

    GGRecon had the opportunity to sit down with Stephen Cavallaro, MegaDungeon Lead and Morgan Day, Associate Game Director. Dragon Flight And played Rich narrative.

    Does the content spring ever run dry?

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    “One of the joys of working on World of Warcraft is that there’s just such a rich history to explore,” Day explained.

    “We saw with Dragon Isles, it’s an opportunity to explore some existing themes, the idea of ​​dragon flights and aspects and this theme of awakening.

    “The idea of ​​adding a third hypothesis for Evokers, for example, the idea that they didn’t wake up, they just woke up, but they’re learning!”

    By adding the Drachthyr as the newest race The world of gamingNot only has Blizzard given players a brand new class to experiment with, as well as new skills to try out, it’s also given developers a trampoline to bounce off of and an opportunity to gain more knowledge.

    What’s next for Avatar?

    Whelps sleeping at Whelp Daycare, WOW: Dragonflight

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    The game’s latest Megadungeon, Dawn of the Infinite, as well as the latest Raid, furthers the story of Aberrus, The Shadowed Crucible, Primalist, Drakethire and Dragonflights as a whole.

    This expansion breathes new life into the stories of characters such as Alexstrasza, Nozdormu and Chromie, giving them new aspects that players may not have seen before, as well as a brand new race into the mix. has introduced and taken them over. A journey of self discovery

    Introducing such powerful characters at the beginning of the expansion, such as Razgeth and his three children, allowed the story to slowly develop and take players on many different journeys, many of them chaotic. are victims.

    “There’s such fertile ground to draw from,” Day explains.

    “Also, we are always looking to ensure that we are seeding new seeds. There have been times when players have been kept on their toes and left with cliffhangers. , and it gives developers great time to work in. Get into a character’s story and really develop it and go deep with it.

    “The Incarnates are such interesting characters to me because they’re all unique people,” Day continues.

    “They all have their own distinct personalities, which makes you think of the avatars, they all have such different personalities and behave in different ways.

    “That being said, they each have their own unique way of wreaking havoc and destruction.

    For more on World of Warcraft, see Davis’ reasoning for making Dawn of the Infinite a megadungeon instead of a raid, and his comments on the future of WOW’s PvP.


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