The powerful Apex Legends SMG completely dominates the ALGS playoffs.


    The ALGS Split 2 playoffs are well underway and the pressure is on as 40 teams from around the world compete for a $1 million prize pool.

    During major ALGS events, it’s always interesting to see which weapons are dominant and which pros are using them the most.

    Copying their loadouts and strategies can be a fantastic way to improve your performance within the game and possibly climb higher in it. Apex Legends Classification.

    Well, by far there is one SMG that stands out from the crowd as an absolute force to be reckoned with, racking up the most kills and eliminating opponents at close range. Competition.

    Prowler dominates SMG ALGS Playoffs.

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    Heading into the playoffs, it was clear that the Nemesis AR was going to be a powerhouse pick for the pros, but it’s the Prowler SMG that really shines the most.

    According to Apex Legends Statusso far on Day 2 of the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs, Prowler has racked up an incredible total. 380 murders. To put that in perspective, the next highest is the Nemesis AR with 179 kills.

    The gun requires a lot of skill to use, as burst fire means you have to be accurate with your shots to maximize its damage. However, if you can master the SMG, its TTK is absolutely ridiculous and pros are definitely making the most of it.

    To truly get the most out of the Prowler, it’s important to be able to fire close quarters and ideally find a laser sight that will make your shots much easier to hit.

    What is the best weapon to use with the Prowler?

    Prowler Aped

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    While the Prowler can hold its own in the mid-range. Apex Legends, the SMG is not designed for long-range engagements. As a result, it’s key that you run a secondary that can consistently take out enemies from a distance.

    In terms of the number one meta choice, this is without a doubt. Nemesis As such the AR’s devastating burst damage and burst fire rate make it a force to be reckoned with. If you prefer the semi-automatic option, 30-30 repeater It’s also strong, especially if you get a Skullpiercer.

    Finally, if you want a classic weapon that’s super easy to use, R-301 Carbine is a complete laser beam.

    So, if you’re looking for a gun to elevate your game and possibly help you rank up, it might be time to copy the pros and start picking up the Prowler more often.


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