BIG Games announces BIG Paintball 2, sequel to the popular BIG Paintball experience



    In the midst of the uncertainty that’s been surrounding the beloved Pet Simulator X experience, BIG Games has announced the release of its newest endeavor, BIG Paintball 2. A followup to the previously popular BIG Paintball, this experience is currently in its beta stage and costs a whopping 200 Robux to play at the time of this article’s publication. In a post made by the official BIG Games’ X account, this price is fixed higher than normal so that cheaters are less likely to join and the experience can continue development without having to worry about exploitation-related setbacks.

    In the original BIG Paintball experience, players were separated into teams (or could play alone) and were challenged with taking down as many enemy players as they could before time ran out. The experience had a handful of maps that would circulate randomly, and players could vote on what game mode they wanted to play.

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    In the new BIG Paintball experience, this still seems to be the case, but with added improvements. Until the experience is released to the general public, it will continue to go through QOL changes that adjust the gameplay mechanics and features as needed. Those who participate in the paid beta will receive an exclusive crate that contains weapons and other perks.

    For the time being, it seems BIG Games is putting most of its energy into the release of BIG Paintball 2, meaning an explanation regarding the health of Pet Simulator X may not come until much later.

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