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    Much like getting the Shikai abilities as a Soul Reaper, getting Segunda is an important step for the Hollow players. These abilities can truly make you excel in battle with powerful buffs and unique attacks. However, getting the Segunda Etapa abilities can be a challenging task in itself and will put your skills to the test, so we have all the steps you’ll need to complete to get it as seamlessly as possible. Keep reading below for all the details!

    Peroxide Segunda Etapa Guide

    To get Segunda in Peroxide, you’ll need to face the Hollow Prince himself and defeat him in battle. However, there are two main requirements you must meet first:

    • Reach level 90 as a Hollow
    • Acquire 420 Points

    Of course, you’ll first need to make sure you become a Hollow first by being killed as one as a human and pulling out the chain. Then you’ll need to reach level 90. You can quickly level up as a Hollow by completing jobs, raids, or invasions.

    Upon reaching level 85 as a Hollow, you’ll be able to start building up points by completing different activities in the game, such as completing raids, doing invasions, and defeating different enemies. You’ll need the correct amount of points in order to face the Hollow Prince; otherwise, he won’t be interested in battling you. You can check your points by heading to Menos Forest and attempting to approach the Hollow Prince, and eventually, he’ll allow you to initiate the attack.

    How to defeat Hollow Prince in Peroxide

    Once you acquire the right amount of points and level to face the Hollow Prince, you can head to him in Menos Forest. However, fighting him won’t be an easy task to complete and will take multiple phases. Take a look at what to expect for each phase below:

    Hollow Prince Location in Peroxide

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    You can find the Hollow Prince by heading to Menos Forest and locating the broken-down building there. Inside the building you’ll notice a hole in the ground where you can drop down and meet the frightening Hollow Prince boss. Don’t worry; the battle won’t start until you speak to him and initiate the attack. Then, you’ll need to complete multiple phases to defeat him:

    • Phase One: Hollow Prince will rush at the player with multiple attacks. The player must get deal some damage on him until he backs off and transition to the second stage.
    • Phase Two: Hollow Prince sends out two Ancient Adjuchas minions, and the player must defeat both of them. ( After completing this phase you will reach a checkpoint and won’t need to redo the first two phases even if you die)
    • Phase Three: Hollow Prince rushes at the player again with a series of attacks; this time with added abilities. The player will have to deal a certain amount of damage on him again until he backs off.
    • Phase Four: Hollow Prince sends out an Arrancar equipped with the ‘Manifest’ resurrection. After getting his health down to a certain point, he will regenerate to nearly full health.
    • Phase Five: Another Arrancar joins the battle equipped with ‘Acceleration’ and ‘Manifest’. The player will need to repeat the process of damaging them, waiting for them to regen and then defeating them properly.
    • Phase Six: Hollow Prince returns for the final time and the player must finally attempt to defeat him once and for all. He will have several abilities for the player to watch out for. Once he is defeated, the player will be teleported out of the Abyss.

    Once the Hollow Prince is defeated, you will automatically obtain your Segunda ability. You can press G to use the ability when Resurrection is activated and as your bar on the left is filled up. There are various types of Segunda moves you can get, each with a different chance of obtaining based on rarity.

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    All Segunda Etapa Moves in Peroxide

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    You can get different Segunda moves by chance after defeating the Hollow Prince. Each has a different percentage chance depending on their rarity, and each has different effects. They can all be upgraded through training. Take a look at all of them below:

    • Common (79%):
      • Music Segunda – “Bring forth the soul of a guitarist. Hit someone with a guitar and unleash an epic solo.”
      • Astra Segunda – “Flip into the sky and rain shooting stars towards your mouse, follow up with a light speed kick towards people you hit.”
      • Beast Segunda – “Cut down your opponent then proceed to unleash a savage combo on them in the sky.”
    • Rare (20%):
      • Vessel Segunda -“Hold out a blade made of hatred and slash forth with utter rage.”
      • Acceleration Segunda – “Dash forward at godspeed and freeze all those who cross you in time.”
    • Legendary (1%):
      • Manifest Segunda – “Warp all nearby players into your mind. Everyone in your domain is under your imagination, allowing you to summon weaponry and snatch skills from others.”
      • Chaos Segunda – “Unleash the inner chaos in your own nature. Emit a beam of utter chaos in front of you demolishing everyone and everything.”

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    How to upgrade Segunda in Peroxide

    There are various ways you can upgrade your Segunda, making them stronger or getting more powerful moves for it. However, it can take some time to train them. Here are a couple of ways you can do that:

    • Beat your Sword Spirit through Meditation (pressing N)
    • Using the mode a lot

    Keep using your new skills to truly excel in battle and upgrade them as much as possible. These moves are essential to becoming a truly powerful Hollow in the game, which is why it can be difficult to reach that point. Defeating the Hollow Prince alone is a feat you should be proud of!

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