Best Wizard Perks in Dark and Darker


    Wizard is one of the more diverse classes in Dark and Darker. Players can run everything from a ranged Wizard to a Melee focused one. Neither of these playstyles are going to work without the right perks, though. Players would be smart to decide which perks they’re going to run before deciding on a Spell List.

    Which are the best Perks for Wizard in Dark and Darker?

    Quick Chant

    in terms of Perks in Dark and Darker, this one is pretty close to a must-have. The worst thing for a Wizard in this game is to be stuck loading up a spell, just for some other enemy can dive them. This is what makes Quick Chant so important; it only boosts spell casting speed by 10%, but that small percentage makes a difference.

    Arcane Mastery

    This Perk synergizes with Quick Chant really well. Arcane Mastery reduces spell casting speed by one second, which gets really quick combined with Quick Chant. Arcane Mastery will also increase the damage from Arcane Spells by 5%.


    There isn’t anything too fancy with this Perk, just a simple 10% increase to damage. If any players want to run Wizard, but don’t have a specific direction in mind, (melee, fire, etc.) they should simply equip Sage for the raw stats.

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    Reactive Shield

    This Perk is essential for a Melee Wizard build. This brings up a shield that absorbs damage for 10 seconds. I wouldn’t say this is necessary for a ranged Wizard, since that playstyle involves staying out of harm’s way. If a player wants to play Melee Wizard, though, they are bound to get hit. Reactive Shield could give a Wizard the couple extra seconds it needs to get one last spell out.

    Fire Mastery

    Here is a Perk that makes Fire Wizard a pretty viable strategy. Fire Mastery increase the damage output of Fire Spells by 5% as well as increasing burn time by 2 seconds. Wizards usually appreciate that damage boost, especially when stacked with things like Sage and Arcane Mastery.

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