Can you play Texas Chain Saw Massacre with Friends? Answered



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    You won’t be able to navigate these creepy game maps or escape the killer family all by yourself, which is why it’s a good thing that Texas Chain Saw Massacre features multiplayer online. You’ll need as much help as you can get, and it doesn’t always have to be random other players, either. You can invite some friends to join you as well, either by starting up a party or creating your own private lobby. Here’s how you can hop in with friends now!

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre How to Play Multiplayer

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre is an asymmetrical multiplayer game, meaning there is an odd number of players: three killers and four victims. You can play online through matchmaking with other players and cross-platform with a few different platforms. However, if you’re hoping to play with specific friends, you’ll need to either join a party or create a private lobby. Here’s how to do so below:

    How to create a party in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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    To create a party for other friends to join, select the Party Options at the bottom of the main menu and press Create Party.

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    This will generate a random code for other players to enter to join you, or you can press the Invite button to send them a direct invite if you’re on the same platform. Players who create the party will be in charge of starting up matchmaking.

    You can have up to three other players join your party. However, if you’re planning on playing the Family, you’ll only be able to have two friends due to the limited server size.

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    How to join a party in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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    If your friend has already created a party and provided you with the party code, you can also join their party through the same Party Options menu. Instead of selecting Create Party, press Join Party and then enter the code into the text box.

    How to create and join a private lobby in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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    You can also create and join your own private lobbies for Texas Chainsaw Massacre, allowing you to customize the game experience to your liking and not have to matchmake with other online players. To do this, first, ensure you create a party (as shown above), and have a full party of four players (you and three friends).

    Once you have a full party, press the Play button on the main menu and select Create Lobby. You will then be able to customize the game and start it up once you’re ready. This will allow your party to play together privately without anyone else interfering. You can also join a lobby the same way as joining a party by selecting the Join Lobby option and entering the join code.

    These games are usually a lot more fun when you can bring friends along for the ride. Start up a party now and hop into the action together. However, you can also make some new friends by joining a quick match online as well.

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