Best Twizzly Gummy Cookie Ingredients built in Cookie Run Kingdom


    Twizzly Gummy Cookie is an epic ranged cookie that prioritizes back position. Her strong personality shines through in her flashy ability, fueled by an electro-jelly gun and plenty of zapping power. Her kit focuses on nullifying HP shields while dealing massive burst damage, making her a direct counter to Pure Vanilla Cookie.

    Best Ingredient Creation for Twizzly Gummy Cookie at CRK

    Twizzly Gummy Cookie’s ability increases her CRIT DMG greatly, so her overall damage can be improved by making sure she always lands critical hits. That being said, it is one of the few Cookies that can benefit from a juicy apple jelly complete set to increase your CRIT. For bonus stats, focus on ATK and CRIT.

    Alternatively, you can equip a full set of scorching raspberry but focus on the bonus CRIT stats. You can also do a combination of these two sets if you can’t get good stats.

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    Best Treasures for Twizzly Gummy Cookie at CRK

    Twizzly Gummy Cookie pairs best with the Grim Aspect Scythe, which increases the percentage of CRIT. You can also place in the Old Pilgrim’s Scroll for an ATK boost and the squishy clock for cooldown reduction. In PvP, the Shiny sugar swan feather it can be useful for revival.

    Information on the Twizzly Gummy Cookie ability in Cookie Run: Kingdom

    Twizzly Lightning: Twizzly Gummy Cookie supercharges her Electrojelly Gun and fires a powerful electrifying laser beam. While Twizzly Gummy Cookie is using her ability, her CRIT DMG increases and enemies hit by her laser beam will be knocked out. This is a non-stacking debuff that deals periodic damage and temporarily breaks HP shields. While Twizzly Gummy Cookie is charging her laser, she will briefly become resistant to interrupt effects.

    skill specs:

    • Cool down: 16 seconds
    • Single Hit DMG vs. Cookies: 7.7 percent (+0.1-0.2 percent DMG per level)
    • Single hit DMG against others: 4.6 percent (+0.07-0.09 percent DMG per level)
    • Skill CRIT DAMAGE: +350 percent
    • Delete: 2.8 percent DMG every second for 7 seconds. Nullifies HP Shield.

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