Persona 5 – Awarded To Skyline and RedMagic 7S Pro, Humanity is Here



    On Reddit emerged a post showing screenshots of Persona 5 games in a smooth 60FPS, and only one glitch in sight. This astonishing feat seems to be due to the Xbox One emulator and the RedMagic 7S Pro gaming phone.

    The Phone is behind the framerate.

    The Nubia RedMagic series is a set of smartphones that are designed with the aim of gaming and come with features that really make the experience more enjoyable.

    The phones come with nice specs, improved cooling, and even nice jumbo buttons. It is the RedMagic 7S, the video we’re seeing here, though the RedMagic 8 is at the beginning, so we can’t wait to see what the new model will be doing.

    Of course, there is a Skyline that does it one day.

    If you are a regular reader, Skyline probably doesn’t need any introduction. To mention this, we’ve talked a lot about Skyline before, but the uninitiated, theres what its about. Skyline is an open-source Nintendo Switch emulator for Android devices.

    You can download this emulator free via the Skyline website or GitHub, but don’t get this kind of performance yet. Most impressive footage from the Skyline community was exhibited early at Skyline Edge.

    Skyline Edge only works for Patreon subscribers. Don’t worry, because the free version of Edge should appear later.

    One in your pocket is a person in your pocket.

    Persona 5 might need less introduction for most people. The game is the sixth in the series that is highly successful. It’s a spin-off that originated from Shin Megami Tensei.

    The games are the same line between computer and simulation. Navigating life in the college is all about fighting for your life in turn-based battles against horrifying creatures.

    In persona 5, you assume the role of Joker, a Phantom Thieve of Hearts. The thieves reform wicked people by entering a world which manifests the sins of peoples in the eyes of corruption.

    Royal edition of the game adds plenty of fun. You may take that as the definitive edition, if you want to select it.

    This game is slick, stylish and beautiful. For instance, Persona 5 uses Android as an android emulator. It is much fun to see what else the community of students can learn in the near future.



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