Best Rogue Build in Diablo 4 (Season 1): Skills, Gems and Stats for Leveling or Endgame



    When you master the best rogue class build in Diablo 4, you’ll have the highest damage potential of all classes. the game.

    However, with the launch of Diablo 4 Season 1, Season of the Malignant, the meta has changed so you will need to change your strategy to create the perfect rogue. So, let’s get into the best rogue build for Diablo 4 Season 1 – a list of skills, gems, and stats ideal for both leveling and endgame.

    However, if you primarily use a different class in Diablo 4 or want to try something new, we have excellent build guides for other classes listed below:

    How good is Rogue in Diablo 4?

    Picture of a rogue with a crossbow in Diablo 4

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    According to the latest version of our Diablo 4 PvE class tier list, Rogue sits somewhere between the B and A ranks.depending on whether you are a lone hunter or a group slayer.

    While you’re able to deal massive amounts of damage using Rogue effectively, you’re also among the weakest when it comes to health – making you very susceptible to death if you’re not careful.

    This probably doesn’t make playing as a rogue the best choice for beginners in Diablo 4, but anyone who is able to manage their position and stay on top of their healing is almost guaranteed to have great success.

    Additionally, there’s no better class in the game for players who value speed above all else, so if you’re a fan of speeding everything up, you’ll want to give our dagger-wielding friend a try. With Season 1 also being introduced, there’s no better time to try out Rogue – especially if you’re a seasoned player looking for a different experience.

    Best Rogue Blood in Diablo 4 (Season 1)

    Image of a rogue facing the camera in Diablo 4

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    According to Maxroll.ggCurrently one of the best rogue builds for leveling in Diablo 4 Season 1 Penetrating shot Ability – and will lead you through the levels and towards success.

    This is basically one. Range construction For Rogue, as the Penetrating Shot ability is one of your primary skills allowing you to attack from a distance and pierce through groups of enemies. Of course this comes with the downside that you’ll have to be on your toes as you constantly manage your position on the battlefield.

    Proficiency and ability to build a penetrating shotgun

    Poison Penetrating Shot Ability - The best rogue build part in Diablo 4

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    Here’s a complete list of skills and abilities you’ll want to use in the Penetrating Shot Rogue build in Diablo 4 for the current meta:

    Penetrating Shot Rogue Active Skills List

    Type of qualification Functional capacity
    Basic Mighty Arrow (1/5 + Basic)
    compulsory Penetrating Shot (5/5 + Advanced)
    Agility Dash (1/5 + Discipline)
    Subterfuge Deep Shroud (1/5 + subverting)
    Purification Poison Embellishment (5/5 + Blended) + Shadow Embellishment (1/5 + Blended)
    Final N/A

    Together, these active skills build a very dangerous range that lets you deal with mobs and single targets quickly and effectively. Rogue is known for its high damage output, and this class more than shows that in action.

    List of Penetration Shot Rogue passive skills

    Type of qualification Passive capacity
    compulsory Stuttering Stage (3/3)
    Agility Uneven (1/3)
    Reactive Defense (3/3)
    Weapon Proficiency (3/3)
    Concussive (3/3)
    Subterfuge exploitation (3/3)
    Subterfuge Rudeness (3/3)
    Purification Shadow Crash (1/3)
    Purification Using Shadows (1/3)
    Type of qualification Passive capacity
    Purification Precision Imbuement (3/3)
    Final Innervation (3/3)
    Final Adrenaline Rush (1/3)
    Final Haste (3/3)
    Key disabled related to health

    List of Diablo 4 Penetrating Shot Rogue item stats

    Image of a rogue shooting an arrow in Diablo 4

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    As is the case with many of the best builds for any of Diablo 4’s classes in the current meta, it’s less the specific weapons you’re after and more the stat boosts and effects you’ll want to integrate into your equipment.

    Below, we’ve listed what you should look for when building that perfect rogue build in Diablo 4 – but one key stat you’ll definitely want to equip. Trick shot offensive side.

    This will allow any connecting penetrating shot to be split into two additional shots at a 90 degree angle, dramatically increasing the amount of punishment you get – especially when facing large crowds of enemies.

    These are the stats you’ll want to try adding to your equipment in Diablo 4 when using the Penetrating Shot rogue build.


    • Weak damage
    • Crowd control loss
    • Loss of basic skills


    • Cooldown reduction
    • Skill levels
    • Life increases.
    • Damage with Imbued Skills
    • Damage from ranged weapons
    • Critical strike opportunity
    • Attack speed
    • walking speed
    • Reduced energy costs


    • Cooldown reduction
    • walking speed
    • Damage from ranged weapons
    • Marksmanship skill damage
    • Critical strike opportunity
    • Severe strike damage
    • Loss of distance
    • Crowd control loss

    If you get most of the above stats in your weapons, armor, and jewelry, you’re almost guaranteed success, so keep an eye on your journey.

    Best Rogue Gems in Diablo 4

    The best rogue gems to use in the best rogue build in Diablo 4

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    Being basically a glass cannon with the ability to deal more damage at the cost of less survivability, the best Rogue gems to use in Diablo 4 are ideal for more. Increase class damage And to make your build more durable.

    The following are the best Rogue Gems in Diablo 4 for the Season 1 meta, with their uses listed below:

    Money uses
    • Weapon: Grants life on kills.
    • Armor: Increases healing.
    • Jewels: Increases Armor by 230.
    • Weapon: Increases critical strike damage to crowd control enemies.
    • Armor: Provides damage reduction when you are stronger.
    • Jewelry: Cold resistance applies.
    The emerald
    • Weapon: Increases critical strike damage to weak enemies.
    • Armor: Adds spikes.
    • Ornaments: Apply resistance to poison.
    • Weapon: Increases overpower damage.
    • Armor: Increases maximum life.
    • Jewelry: Fire resistance is applied.
    • Weapon: Increases damage over time.
    • Armor: Increases damage taken over time.
    • Ornaments: Shadow resistance applies.

    Twisting Blades Rogue endgame build in Diablo 4 Season 1

    Picture of a rogue on horseback in Diablo 4

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    On the contrary, recommends. That you switch to a close melee build for Rogue in the endgame, focusing on Rotating blade Expertise especially during deadly weather.

    There are very few builds in the game that can do as much damage to a cluster as this particular set of skills, so you’ll definitely want to consider making the switch once you reach the end game and move into the higher world ranks.

    Here are all the active abilities you’ll want to use to build the Twisting Blades Rogue endgame in Diablo 4:

    Type of qualification Functional capacity
    Basic Puncture (1/5 + better)
    compulsory Bending Blades (5/5+ Advanced)
    Agility Shadow Step (1/5 + Procedure), Dash (1/5 + Discipline)
    Subterfuge Deep Shroud (1/5 + Subverting
    Purification Poison Trap (1/5, better)
    Final Shadow Clone (Supreme)

    Here is the key Use the twisting blade and dash through the pack on the first enemy., for harm will return to you, punishing the flock you leave in your wake. It can take down large groups in the blink of an eye and is so strong when it comes to bosses.

    So, that wraps up this guide to the best Diablo 4 Rogue Build with skills, gems, and stats for leveling and endgame in the current meta – giving you two options to choose from if you want to hit Sanctuary with speed.

    If you want to learn more about all things Diablo, there’s no better place for the latest news and guides than our dedicated Diablo homepage.



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