Best FC 24 Ultimate Team Starter Nation Pack


    When you first enter EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team, you’ll be able to choose from Starter Nation Packs to boost your team with some players from the same nation. When choosing, I tried to consider which nations have the best players, offer the best chemistry, and fill out my lineup with players from different leagues. Here is the best FC 24 FUT starter nation pack to choose from:

    Best FC 24 FUT Starter Nation Pack

    The best option for the Starter Nation Pack is Brazil. The South American nation has a large number of great players from various leagues. The Brazil pack will give you the best chance of receiving some quality starter cards that can be useful in your lineup for game modes like Moments and SBC. The Brazil pack has many players from different leagues, which can give you an advantage when starting out in Ultimate Team. League diversity among your players will help in later SBCs that have league requirements.

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    Several of the Starter Nation Packs are also great options. If you want to get a few different players, the following packs will give you opportunities to get great players, possible chemistry upgrades, and players from various leagues:

    • Argentina
    • France
    • Germany
    • Spain

    These Starter Nation packages will also provide better opportunities to get quality players that can be added to your starting lineup. Argentina, France, Germany and Spain have great players, including several in the top 100, and with players in many different domestic leagues, you may have greater chemistry and qualify for SBCs.

    After getting the Starter Nation Pack, you can start earning coins quickly by playing matches and completing objectives. Very soon you will have a full lineup of great players and you will be able to compete with the best.

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