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    I had a lot of options on how to approach combat in Haze Piece. I could rely on a devil fruit, a haki, or a weapon to make a name for myself as a pirate. My first choice was to use a sword, but I still had to decide what kind of sword I wanted to use and then figure out how to get it. Let’s see how to unlock all the swords in Haze Piece.

    How to get all the swords in Haze Piece

    I’m a big fan of Zoro, so I set out to get a sword right away. While you can’t get the three sword style he uses, there are plenty of swords and styles to choose from in Haze Piece. Here are all the swords and how to get them in Haze Piece.

    • Katana
      • Buy it at the Sword Shop on Starter Island.
    • shark leaf
      • 5% drop rate from Shark Boss in Shark Park.
    • Two swords style
      • Buy it from Mr. White in Logue City ($100K).
    • Two Swords Style V2
      • I bought V1 from Mr. White ($100k).
      • Get a Dual Swordsman Superboss book (10%).
      • Bring back the two-sword style to Mr. White.
    • Yoru (Dark Blade)
      • Available through Game Pass.
    • Operation Leaf
      • Purchase of Magma Minion ($250K).
    • Raiu
      • Obtain from the NPC behind the skull on Skull Island.
    • shusui

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    How to get all things other than swords in Haze Piece

    While there are many swords to choose from, Haze Piece has other weapons as well. If you prefer something other than a sword, these are your weapons. Here are all the non-sword weapons and how to get them in Haze Piece.

    • Tube
      • Get from Soba to Marine Base Town.
    • Mallet
      • 100% Mace Boss drop rate.
    • Soul Staff
      • Mr. Skeleton Purchase ($100k)
    • Krampus Scythe
      • Krampus 7.5% drop rate.
    • BisentoV1
      • Purchase of Bella at Marine HQ ($500K)
    • BisentoV2
      • Tremor Girl 20% Drop Rate (Must have Bisento V1)
    • golden staff
      • 1% drop rate from God of Thunder on Sky Island.
    • Sea Beast Hammer
      • 50% Sea Beast drop rate.
    • Fishman Trident
      • Buy it from Fork Merchant on Fishman Island.

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