Best construction and equipment of Rival-9 in MW3


    The Rival-9 submachine gun in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 may look like a new weapon, but it’s actually the Skorpion EVO from Black Ops 2. It also appeared at MW 2019 as the CX-9 SMG. If you want to use this weapon in MW3, check out the best build and class setup below.

    Best Rival-9 Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) Build

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    • Muzzle: VP27 mini brake
    • Laser: Sapphire-12 Laser
    • Optical: Whiteboard reflector
    • Magazine: Mag 40 round
    • Back grip: Rival Assault Grab

    When using the Rival-9 SMG in MW3 Multiplayer, I noticed that the weapon has good mobility and rate of fire stats, but lacks accuracy. Therefore, I used the VP27 compensator to attenuate the horizontal recoil. Add the Rival Vice rear grip on top and the gun will feel significantly more accurate and easier to control.

    Due to the weapon’s high rate of fire, you must use the extended 40-round magazine. You can then add the Sapphire-12 laser for better sprint speed for shooting and ADS speed while jumping. For the fifth attachment, I used a low zoom optic because I’m not very comfortable with the iron sights on the Rival-9 SMG. If you can handle it, try using the 9mm high grain. ammo to increase range.

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    Best Rival-9 Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) Loadout

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    Here are the best perks, equipment, and secondary weapons you can combine the Rival-9 SMG with:

    • Primary weapon: Rival-9
    • secondary weapon: Renetti / Combat knife
    • Vest: Infantry vest
    • Gloves: Commando Gloves
    • Boots: Covert Sneakers/Lightweight Boots
    • Gear: EOD padding
    • Tactical: Flash grenade
    • Lethal: Semtex
    • Field equipment: Ammunition box

    Stay tuned to Pro Gaming Guides for more Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 content. In the meantime, check out our article on What is the MW3 Beta Meta?


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