Best Card Ability Mods in Marvel’s Midnight Suns



    There are many keys to winning your battles in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, including using your environment for extra damage and choosing heroes that complement each other well in a given situation. But the card decks for those heroes must also be put together well if you want to be successful. And once you get past around the 20th, one of the best ways to tailor your cards to suit your needs is through card ability modes. Here we will discuss the best card ability mods in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

    Marvel Midnight Suns Card Ability Mods By Character

    To some degree, the best card ability mods in Marvel’s Midnight Suns will depend on the way you play and how do you like it group your heroes. This is especially true of The Hunter, as you have so many ways to shape him. For the rest of the heroes, you will decide if expand its leading role on your team or whether to make them more like a one thousand uses.

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    • Sword: Life stealing. A great ability on its own let alone when added to another attack card.
    • Captain America: Stat Change: Plus a heroism. Adding this to a favorite card is a huge advantage, as it makes those heroic attacks easier to use.
    • captain marvel: Redraw to restore Health (100 percent offense). Since Captain Marvel is often targeted, he can do it with a free heal.
    • strange doctor: Draw the last Attack played. Always great, especially if you do it right.
    • Ghost Rider: Upon redrawing, restore 50 Health. Great for Ghost Rider, whose strongest abilities often take damage to himself.
    • Iron Man: On KO, gain a Strengthened one. Impressive on any offensive card.
    • Magic: When redrawing, plus a Heroism. Added to an expensive card like Banish, you get one of the points you need for free.
    • Nico: With KO, draw a card. Great on a card like Swarm that will likely KO an opponent.
    • Scarlet Witch: Upon redrawing, gain a Counter. Who doesn’t like free attacks? Especially if this is in Chaos Field, adding some offense on the back of the big defense.
    • Spiderman: Draw a card for each KO. In a fast deck, this is perfect for replenishing your hand and keeping the turn.
    • Glutton: Apply a Weak one. Strong on any attack that can hit multiple enemies, such as Lethal Pounce or Midnight Special.

    Also keep in mind that once you’ve paid to modify a card, those updates will be blocked on that card if you run the mod again later. it is likely that get another option addedbut the initials you get will be set for that particular card.

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