Bang on Balls: Chronicles – How to beat the Roman Bath boss.



    How to beat Roman Bath boss on Vikings map free addon.

    If, like me, you’re having trouble defeating this boss, it could be due to a possible bug. I’m not sure about that though. I might have missed something too. Anyway, here’s a way to beat the boss that worked for me.

    But first, I think it’s supposed to kill it but it didn’t work for me:

    In the big room where the boss is taking a shower, after pressing the 4 buttons to drain all the water in the area, the boss will get angry (because the water has run out and he can’t take a shower anymore) and come down to the ground. .

    Then, he will perform a series of attacks, such as:

    • 1) First, he’ll heat up some of the metal grids on the floor (they turn a little red before they get too hot). The goal is to avoid standing on the red grid to avoid getting burned.
    • 2) Then, he will throw bubbles at the player. At this point, the player has to attack the boss at high speed but more preferably, by double jumping on the boss’s head and landing hard on it several times to deal some damage. Bubbles can actually help you gain enough height to achieve this. So avoiding them may not always be necessary. However, they do not hurt the player.
    • 3) After this, the boss will go into one of the two water basins on the sides to regain the health it has lost due to the player’s attacks.

    And then the cycle begins again.

    What I think to do is this:

    When the boss is recuperating in a basin of water, the player has to stand on one of the two buttons around the basin that the boss is occupying and when the little ball comes to help, So both the assisting ball and the player have to press. Repeatedly press your respective buttons to heat up the basin so that the boss is hurt and unable to return to the basin. The idea is that, after heating the two basins, the bass may no longer be healthy.

    But it didn’t work for me, possibly due to a bug. Why? For, doing all this, until he stood on one of the two buttons, waiting for the ball to assist him to come down on the other button, it proved that, when the smaller ball came and jumped on his button, It would just press it once, and then give a slight nod of disapproval and walk away, leaving me to jump and land on my own button like a madman.

    This looks like a bug because the entire Roman Baths area is using the same principle to create lifts and, every time, the little helper ball actually jumps up and down until it’s needed. Only for boss fights it would just do a jump and then go away after shaking its head a bit.

    This shaking could be an indication that I was missing some element of resolution. So I’m not sure if this is a bug or not.

    But here’s what worked for me!

    Acting like crazy. that’s it.

    More specifically, I discovered that it was actually possible to heat a basin of water without the aid of a support ball. All you need to do is press the “jump” and “land” buttons on your pad (or keyboard) very quickly and long enough.

    Don’t wait for the jumping and landing animations to finish before tapping the next key. And don’t double jump either. The idea is to be very fast. To increase your typing speed, it may be useful to press each key/button with a different hand.

    Also, try to deal as much damage as possible to the boss so that he spends more time regenerating his health, giving you more time to mash your keys like a madman. (I suspect my method is taking longer than intended – but if you’ve done enough damage to the bass, you’ll have plenty of time to heat the basin)

    Anyway, hope this helps someone know that it is possible to heat a basin by yourself.



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