Baldur’s Gate 3: Best Rogue Feats in BG3


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    Rogues are a slippery class designed to weaken the backline or outright kill high-value targets. Their focus on high damage means that the feats they perform must also prioritize damage above all else. Otherwise, you will be a mediocre fighter. Depending on the type of Rogue you are, the feats you will use will be different. So, here are the best melee and ranged feats for rogues of all types.

    Best Melee Rogue Feats in BG3

    1. Alert

    If you plan to rush toward the baseline, you’ll want to be wide awake when you do it. Alerting allows melee rogues to take their turn before the enemy, on average. They also become immune to the Surprised status, which is essential in some encounters in the game.

    2. athlete

    For a melee rogue, mobility is king. Your objective is to kill and steal, so you must be in the right place at all times. Athlete allows you to increase your Dexterity skill score by one, while also dramatically improving your jump distance. Worth.

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    3. luck

    Rogues can’t ignore damage like fighters can, so they have to get lucky to get things done. when they need it. This feat grants three luck points that can be used to gain advantage on attack rolls, skill checks, or saving throws. Additionally, they can force enemies to repeat their attacks, but a good rogue should never need to do this.

    4. Wizard Killer

    Casters can easily turn the tide of a battle with a single spell, but if you put a melee rogue on them, they’ll be as harmless as flying with the Mage Slayer feat. If a caster casts a spell with a Mage Slayer Rogue in melee range, they can attack the target for free. Mage Slayer also makes it easier for melee rogues to break the caster’s concentration.

    5. Mobile

    A good melee rogue knows that when a target is dying or wounded, it’s time to get to safety as quickly as possible. When a melee Rogue with Mobile makes a melee attack, he can evade any Attacks of Opportunity made by the target. Additionally, they gain an increase in movement speed and Difficult Terran does not slow them down while running.

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    Best Feats for Ranged Rogues in BG3

    1. Alert

    To be clear, Alert is great for all classes and builds in BG3, and that’s no exception for ranged rogues. Being able to take a turn earlier than usual is a huge help in most encounters in the game.

    2. athlete

    Since all rogues use Dexterity as their primary ability score, Athlete is still a good choice for a feat. The same can be said for increasing jump distance, as mobility is important for all rogues.

    3. Mobile

    Although a ranged rogue cannot make use of Mobile’s secondary effect, it still provides a significant increase in movement speed, making it easier for him to get out of the way of damage.

    4. Sniper

    This feat grants a significant 10 additional damage on top of a normal damage roll for all rolls coming from a ranged weapon, at a cost of -5 to attack rolls. This is a must for any rogue who wants to wield a ranged weapon in combat.

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