Anime World Tower Defense Unit Tier List and Best Units (October 2023)


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    We’ve put together an Anime World Tower Defense Unit Tier List to help you pick the best units for your group. Anime World Tower Defense is a very popular Roblox game where the player must defend his home tower from invaders by placing units based on anime characters from different series.

    These units serve different purposes internally. the game, some are attackers while some are supporting roles, and some are better at their roles than others. Here’s our ranked list of the best and worst units in Anime World Tower Defense.

    Anime World Tower Defense Unit Tier List (October 2023)

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    Here is our complete list of all units in Anime World Tower Defense. The units that are best overall will be placed within the S and A-Tiers, and are the ones you’ll generally want to field whenever possible.

    level Units
    • Shizaku [Monster]
    • Hoku [Inf]
    • Lord Sombra.
    • Permission Hero
    Oh tire
    • Unbreakable hero
    • Washington
    • Pinkie
    • Dark Kong Kin
    • KreizerFullPower
    • The dragon came
    • A sign of fear
    • father
    • The Red Archer
    • Slime Lord
    • Blood devil
    • Supersonic Ninja
    • Manala

    B tier

    • Beserk Mecha
    • Pillar main cause
    • The Scarlet Knight
    • Must Puller Miui
    • Virtual Sword Girl
    • Mage Child
    • Kanghan [SSJ]
    • Crowley
    • Kong Kun [SSJ]
    • barrow
    • The spirit of the cat
    • New York
    • Virtual Swordman
    • Thunder Boy
    • Ichigo
    • Poseidon
    • Washita
    • royal girl
    • The Hunter Kid
    • FalconEye
    • Washita [Majin]
    • Dark Hollow
    • King of knights
    • Artur
    • Frankinc Lady
    • lion heart
    C tire
    • Evil Kai
    • Earth
    • Seventeen [Abyss]
    • King Colo
    • Hoku
    • Earth
    • White
    • Kong Kun [GT]
    • Manato
    • The Grappler
    • Holy Night Elmer
    • to promote
    • Virtual Swordsman [Gun]

    What are the best units in Anime World Tower Defense?

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    The best units you will want to use in Anime World Tower Defense are S-Tier units. Shizaku, Hoku, Lord Sombra, and the permission hero.

    There are many different types of units in Anime World Tower Defense, but there are some units in the game that are significantly better than others. You’ll need a variety of units to succeed in the game, but there are certain units that you should strive to acquire as they will dramatically increase your power level.

    The S-tier units listed above are exceptionally strong, so be sure to keep an eye out for them and grab them if you can.

    That’s it for our Anime World Tower Defense Unit Tier List. For more, visit our Roblox Games homepage for more codes for games like Anime Champions Simulator and Blade Ball.


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