Attack on Titan Revolution Prestige System Explained


    The prestige system in any game can be confusing for new players to understand, and the popular Roblox title Attack on Titan Revolution is no exception. So if you’re wondering how the Prestige system works in AoT: Revolution, look no further.

    What is prestige in Attack on Titan Revolution?

    In Attack on Titan Revolution, prestige essentially resets all of your progress in exchange for a permanent boost in gameplay. In other words, you restart the game from scratch but with certain advantages or bonuses, which I will talk about later in this article.

    These buffs can range from permanently increasing your weapon damage to receiving a certain amount of healing from killing titans. But it is worth noting that it is not easy to get prestige in Attack on Titan Revolution, as you have to meet certain requirements that are difficult to achieve.

    How to gain prestige in AoT: Revolution

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    Prestige in AoT: Revolution requires you to earn a ton of XP, depending on which level you want to unlock:

    Prestige level EXP required Unlock
    1 3,518,115 Character slot B
    2 5,579,397 Character slot C
    3 8,062,125 N/A

    I highly recommend completing quests, unlocking new skills, completing daily quests, and killing titans if you want to level up quickly in the game. Once you earn enough XP, you can prestige in Attack on Titan Revolution by following these instructions:

    • Start the game through Roblox Player.
    • Press “Eyelash” on your keyboard to open the settings menu.
    • Navigate to the “Equipment“tab and then go to the Prestige section.
    • Finally, click Prestige to unlock perks.

    At this point, the game initiated a cutscene that took my Roblox character to an unknown location illuminated by a blue laser beam.

    All prestige rewards in AoT: Revolution

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    A few seconds after the cutscene, the Prestige system will reward you with the following benefits in Attack on Titan Revolution:

    • Luck boost: You permanently gain a +7.5% luck increase.
    • Experience increase: Permanently gain a +15% experience increase.
    • Gold increase: Permanently gain a +15% gold boost.

    It is essential to note that you can only select one of the benefits mentioned above. In addition to this, earning prestige in AoT: Revolution for the first time will unlock your starting slot in the memory system.

    What is the memory system in Attack on Titan Revolution?

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    In Attack on Titan Revolution, the memory system basically gives you valuable buffs depending on which skill tree you’re most invested in. The game rewards you with 1x memory slot Every time you get Prestige and depending on what path you’ve invested in your skill tree, you’re more likely to get those types of memories.

    There are three types of memories in AoT: Revolution:

    So, for example, if you’ve unlocked most of the support skill tree, you’re more likely to get a support memory.

    How to Reroll Memories in AoT: Revolution

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    Like the luck benefits, the game allows you to select from three different memories. Fortunately, you can use a special item called Prestige Scroll which is used to rewind your memories. As a result, you get three new memories to choose from, but you also have the option to keep your current memory if you don’t like the new ones.

    As mentioned on the Trello page, the Prestige scroll is available as 1% Aberrant quest drop or can be purchased in store for 3999 gems.

    All memories in AoT: Revolution

    Here is the list of souvenirs available in Attack on Titan Revolution:


    Prestige level Memory name Effect
    3 star earthquake Increases damage by 1.5% for death, resets after reloading the blade
    3 star Forge of fury Increases damage by 0.4% for each 1% of lost health
    2 stars Loyal Increases blade durability 3% for each broken segment
    1 star Crescendo Offers twenty% more damage to stunned titans
    1 star lightning blade Holding M1 increases total damage
    1 star fast shot 25% faster recharge



    Prestige level Memory name Effect
    3 star Resilience ignore until 1 fatal blow per match
    3 star Vengeance Flare Reflect fifty% incoming damage for 20 seconds while Tough As Nails is active
    2 stars Aegisurge Earn a temporary shield with fifteen% from HP for 20 seconds after killing a titan
    1 star guardian Ignore 2 injuries per match
    1 star Deflect 5% ability to ignore incoming damage


    Prestige level Skill name Effect
    3 star omnirange Ranged abilities now affect all players on the map.
    3 star Vitalize Healing a teammate also increases damage by 25% for both players
    3 star quick Step Turns/dashes now have I-frames
    2 stars life feeding Kill a Titan Priest 3% from HP
    1 star Cooling bombardment Skill cooldown reduction increased by 10%
    1 star master repairman You get additional bandages when refilling gas and blades.

    For more information on Attack on Titan Revolution, check out the Attack on Titan Revolution Trello and Discord links and redeem Attack on Titan Revolution codes at Pro Gaming Guides.

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