ARK Pteranodon – Taming, Feeding and Breeding Guide


    The Pteranodon is a relatively common dinosaur found in the world on ARK and is also the first rideable flying creature players encounter. This dinosaur resembles a pterodactyl with large bat-like wings and incredibly sharp teeth. These large predators will immediately run away if you get involved in any kind of conflict, so it is quite difficult to catch them. You’ll want to shoot a tranquilizer dart at its crest and be careful not to kill it.

    How to tame a Pteranodon in ARK

    After the Pteranodon is unconscious from the tranquilizer dart, you will want to feed it Raw meat either Croquette. They won’t put up much of a fight, though if he starts to move after being calmed down, you’ll want to feed him. narcoberries to stun him again.

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    How to feed a Pteranodon in ARK

    Feeding one of these dinosaurs is as simple as placing food in your inventory. However, pteranodons are carnivorous, which means that there are specific foods that they enjoy more than others. We list them all below:

    • regular croquettes
    • I think (dodo egg)
    • raw lamb
    • prime raw meat
    • Premium raw fish meat
    • Raw meat
    • raw fish meat

    How to breed a Pteranodon in ARK

    Breeding a Pteranodon is a relatively simple task, as all you need is to build a large enough enclosure, place a male and female inside it, and set them up. It will take 18-48 hours for the reproduction to be successful. It will take about 18-48 hours for the reproduction to be successful.

    In order to successfully hatch a fertilized Pteranodon egg, you will need to ensure that the temperature of the egg is between 29°C and 31°C. At this point, it will take 3-4 hours for the egg to officially hatch. The time it takes for the dinosaur to reach maturity is one day and 13 hours.

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