How many lines of code are there in Minecraft?


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    The only limit to running Minecraft is your imagination. You can do most things in the game if you get on the right server or build the right assets, from hunting monsters to sailing the open water. But how much code is there in Minecraft to allow its players to do countless things? Let’s find out.

    Does Minecraft really have 4.8 billion lines of code?

    Minecraft is not an open source game. Therefore, no one really knows the exact number. However, programmers and modders estimate that Minecraft: Java Edition has about 600,000 lines of code. These numbers can run into the millions if we consider all the add-ons, mods, expansions, and other resources that are continually being added to the game.

    The rumor that “Minecraft has 4.8 billion lines of code” came from splash texts, or yellow text on the title screen, which can sometimes read “4815162342 lines of code!” This is not the number of lines of code in Minecraft, but rather the number sequence known from Lost, a survival drama television series. In fact, most of the welcome texts in Minecraft feature references to pop culture.

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    If you decompile the game using an encoder package like the Mod Coder Pack however, you will probably find that the game is around 500,000 lines of code. However, the decompiled version of the game does not include its full architecture, making ~600,000 the best estimate.

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