Arcade archives close 2022 with the iconic bubble bowling, which is based on the original structure of the original book


    Let’s go to a cave of monsters.

    Bubble Bobble is an unrecognized arcade scene in 1986. With this single-screen platformer, one or two players step into the scaly suit of bubble-blowing dinosaurs Bub and Bob, and descend through 100 levels of monsters and lonely twitch to find their abducted sweethearts. Affecting a plethora of strange and instantly recognizable villains like the notorious Baron Von Blubba Bubble Bobble, aracde goers one helluva challenge. It remains a fun and compelling experience, two decades later.

    Watch the video below, from YouTuber AL82 Longplays.

    With its beautiful characters, the vibrant world and instantly recognizable theme tune, Bubble Bobble would become one of the most financially successful arcade games of its day, offering a wide variety of products, many sequels and spin-offs and a place in the annals of game history. Bub and Bob would continue their adventures in the 1987s Rainbow Islands, and make a comeback with the smash-hit puzzle called Bobble. This doesn’t mean that a lot of remakes, remasters, and rereleases are commonplace, not one such such a thing as Bub and Bobs often comeo appearances in many of Taitos’ other hits.

    Bubble Bobble is available now on PS4 and Nintendo Switch for $8.


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