Aquatico has released an extended trailer releasing all-new



    Digital Reef Games and OverSeer Games are developing an extended trailer for the upcoming game Aquatico. The trailer gives you a good five minutes of content to enjoy, it shows the game off as much as they can with a developer voiceover to give you a tour. It is basically a guide to keep the underground facility and the city safe and to protect the ravages of the ocean and the creatures that inhabit it. Watch the trailer as it’ll be released on January 12th 2023.

    Credit: Self games?

    “After that planet’s surface became a socket and inhospitable wasteland, the human beings had the hopes to start a new life under the waves. Building a sustainable future isn’t easy. Players must survive the briny depths and build a very own utopia. With all new features since its Next Fest debut, like Expeditions, allowing your inhabitants to enter the sea for the exploration of resources to build deeper and secure connections, to creating a do-a-finger connections connecting the two lower and upper levels, the trailer gives players a deeper look at what we have now to offer.

    A regional biome with varying temperatures and depths that impact on the way players create their underwater civilization, Aquatico presents unique challenges. Whether it be wary of natural ocean life or adapting to undiscovered ecosystems to avoid unwanted conflicts, management of your population and expandation is essential for survival. The multilayered construction of Aquatico makes every city unique. Above the sea, lies the core infrastructure and production facilities, and this layer can be used in real time, and is accessible to mechanized robots who work a lot to maintain the city’s operation. These layers have a vast footprint, creating a comfortable life for society. Even the failure to maintain this new everyday routine will become too difficult, as players must make work toward a high-end sea life for the first time.



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