Apple has resigned the ray detection system at the last minute for the iPhone 14 Pro



    According to The Information, the Apple A16 Bionic processor used in the iPhone 14 Pro has the same architecture as the A15 in the iPhone 13 Pro. The manufacture of that slug was the result of a mistake. The company wanted to provide a modern graphics subsystem with the support of ray tracing, but at last the idea needed to be abandoned.

    The disruption of plans was due to the fact that Apple engineers are too ambitious when adding new features. It was intended to give an XD scanner, which makes graphics realistic and believable. Software simulations showed that it was possible and engineers began to develop prototypes. Even after testing the finished device, they noticed a hazy battery life.

    This critical defect was discovered late in the project, so Apple decided to abandon its plans for the current generation of processors and release the A16 now in its current form. The situation was said to have been unprecedented in the history of the unit.

    In the Information article, we also spoke about the difficulties that the Apple Silicon team has to overcome, among other things, the company opposes to influx of people in startups. Since the first attempt to start Nuvia, which was founded by a leading producer in two years of Silicon America, the company lost most skilled professionals. Mike Filippo, who replaces Williams, left a scandal on Apple, and his successor’s place is still vacant.

    It is so obvious that engineers began to show presentations that talk about the dangers of working in startups that develop microcircuits most of them fail, they assure Apple.

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