Apple wanted to get the iPhone 14 Pro on the basis of ray tracing support


    The iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max could be upgraded with a more powerful graphics processor with ray tracing support, but due to the lack of energy efficiency, Apple was forced to abandon the ambitious innovation, writes The Information.

    It is reported that engineers were too ambitious to add new features. The mobile processor was meant to support ray tracing, a technology that made graphics more realistic and believable. Engineers even presented simulated prototypes to users.

    After testing revealed they consumed an excessive amount of power, resulting in rapid discharge and overheating. After this critical error was discovered in a late phase, so Apple had to abandon its plans for the upcoming generation of processors and turn the new A16 into its current form. This is the reason for the iPhone 14 Pro showing a very slight performance increase than the previous generation of smartphones.

    It is noted that due to this incident, Apple restructured the development department responsible for the new GPU and removed key people from the development.


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