Anime Defenders Tier List – All Units Ranked


    Tower defense games are very popular on Roblox, so it’s no surprise that new experiences emerge frequently. One is Anime Defenders, which combines famous anime characters with tower defense mechanics. This Anime Defenders tier list will help you choose the best units.

    All Anime Defenders Units Ranked – Roblox AD Tier List

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    You’ll find the best characters in the S tier, where most of the mythical units reside. They are the hardest to get, but thanks to the mythic compassion system (400 summons), you will eventually get them. Tier A units are somewhat easier to get, as there is a Legendary Pity (50 Summons). To speed up the process, redeem Anime Defenders codes for more gems needed for summons. Below, you’ll find the best Anime Defenders units, ranked from worst to best.

    Level Units
    Yes Ant King, Esper, Flame Dragon King, Skull Warrior, Sniper, Prince of Curses, Thunder Shinobi
    TO Ascended Saiyan, Cursed Fighter, Lava Admiral, Light Admiral, Ice Admiral, Pink Rock Star, Strongest Swordsman
    b Bloomer, Dragon Slayer, Four Tails, Pink Shinobi, Qi Master, Rukei, Saiyan, Hybrid Spirit, Straw Hat, Vangeful Shinobi
    c Base Saiyan, Cursed Nail, Frost Reaper, Krill, Pirate Hunter, Qi Master, Shinobi, Soul Reaper, Star Clown

    Best Early Game Units in Anime Defenders

    There are many units to unlock and trade in Anime Defenders, including secret ones! While it takes a lot of work to get them, you have to start from somewhere. Below you will find some equipment that you can obtain quite easily through summons. I used the Cursed Nail unit to start the game as it costs 500 yen (a cheap unit with a fast attack), but you can use any other cheap unit. If the situation allows it, don’t put cheap units and skip waves until you have enough for Strongest Swordsman (or whatever stronger damage unit you have).

    • The strongest swordsman (damage) – 850 yen
    • ice admiral (support) – 850 yen
    • Gaffe (support – money) – 550 yen
    • dragon slayer (Area of ​​effect damage + fire damage over time) – 850 yen
    • Vengefu Shinobi (damage) – 600 yen
    • Cursed Nail (damage) – 500 yen

    This Anime Defenders tier list article is a work in progress, as there are many units to unlock and try out. We will update it as soon as we have more characters.

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