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    The Roblox Classic event finally launched in A Dusty Trip and players were asked to find all the Tix to earn special rewards. Therefore, I have put together this comprehensive guide for those who are having difficulty finding Tix in A Dusty Trip.

    Where to find Tix in A Dusty Trip (map locations)

    A Dusty Trip requires you to find a total of 10 Tix while the Roblox Classic event is underway. It looks like a gold brick with a huge “Tix” label on top. The first step to finding them is to join a Classic mode lobby from the spawn area. It’s important to note that a maximum of four players can join, so you can invite your three friends along for the ride.

    Here’s a detailed breakdown of all Tix locations in A Dusty Trip:

    Spawn point

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    The first Tix is ​​easy to locate as it appears right next to the spawn area near the window when you start Classic mode.

    The Bridge – 2000 meters

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    You will come across a bridge once you have completed 2000 meters of driving. As soon as you enter this place, you will have to eliminate five killbots. After clearing the place, head inside the bridge covered with blue-tinted glass. You’ll find your second Tix lying in the corner. Fortunately, the third Tix can also be found in the same location, just behind the bridge, with red-tinted glass. I have included all relevant images for your convenience.

    The Heights – 4000 meters

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    The next Tix can be found at the 4000 meter milestone, just after crossing the wooden bridge. The bridge is full of scary obstacles, so make sure to pay attention to nearby items. I found the fourth Tix right next to the Pilar towards the end of the bridge.

    As you progress, you’ll find your fifth Tix near the second wooden bridge, just before the ramp.

    The Boat – 6000 meters

    At 6000 meters you will find a boat where you will find two more Tix. To access the upper deck of the boat, simply use the ladder located in the basement. From there, head to the center deck of the ship, where you’ll find another Tix hidden behind the wooden barrel. However, I encountered several pirates in this place, so make sure to keep your weapon reloaded at all times to overcome unexpected obstacles.

    Haunted Mansion – 8000 meters

    The Haunted Mansion at 8000 meters is full of creepy zombies. Therefore, clear them out first and place your seventh Tix right behind the mansion on the edge. The eight Tix, at the same time, are inside the main bedroom of the Haunted Mansion on the second floor.

    The tall building – 10000 meters

    At 10,000 meters, which is essentially the final stage, involves a boss fight. But first, you must get to the top of a tall building to avoid being damaged by the lava on the ground. The boss fight starts after a few seconds.

    After completing it, head to the ground floor of the building where you will find the ninth Tix in the ally. Once you pick it up, head to the basement of the building to find your last Tix.

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