All the Steam Awards 2022 Game of the Year Nominees



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    Steam has announced its Game of the Year nominations, and some are more surprising than others. That’s why we’ve broken down all the nominees for this category of the Steam Awards 2022. We’ve also included a quick guide on how to submit your vote!

    All the nominees for the Game of the Year Steam Awards 2022

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

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    While the critical response may be a bit trickier for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, the popularity of this new version really can’t be argued. The FPS popular both for its campaign and its online multiplayer mode burst onto the scene in October 2022, but made enough of an impact in less than two months to get nominated. We wonder if the short time since launch will hinder its chances against the other entries to the competition.

    dying light 2

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    Who doesn’t love zombies? The second installment in the series, Dying Light 2, is a Zombie Action RPG with campaign mode and multiplayer mode. Although the zombie craze in the media has died down, a game of sufficient quality can overcome the limitations of the trend. The second game sacrificed a bit of horror to make the game more performance-focused, ultimately making it more popular with a wider audience. We appreciate that this may be the key to your nomination.

    elden ring

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    Did anyone expect Elden Ring not to make the Game of the Year nominee list? The ultra challenging RPG It came on the scene in February 2022, but has held steady with traffic throughout the year. Create your own character to traverse the dangerous terrain of The Lands Between. In addition to the addictive and hard-to-win storyline, Elden Ring also brings a fun multiplayer mode that players have become accustomed to.

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    God of War

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    There are few franchises that have captured the hearts of gamers around the world the way God of War has. We can’t say we’re surprised to see the game make it to the nominee list. Like other games in the series, you will accompany Kratos for a immersive and action packed story. Mythology may be at the center of the game’s plot, but don’t fail to notice the stunning visuals and engaging mechanics.


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    With a huge impact on the gaming market, Stray will stick with many for some time to come. So it is not surprising that this adventure game run by cats has made it to Steam’s Game of the Year nominee list. Players take on the role of a stray cat roaming a futuristic city filled with exciting technology, dangers, and quests around every corner.

    How to vote for Steam Awards 2022 Game of the Year

    Voting for Game of the Year for the Steam Awards 2022 is really easy and fast. All you need to do is go to the site to The Steam Awards 2022 and look for the section titled game of the year. Click on the Vote in the game you want to win the competition. Make sure you are logged into your Steam account and your vote will be submitted.

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