All the rewards and challenges of the CoD The Haunting event – Warzone and DMZ


    The Haunting is back in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Warzone, and DMZ in celebration of Halloween. The limited-time event brings back the fan-favorite Zombies Royale game mode, along with several other in-game challenges and rewards that players can unlock.

    The Operation Haunting Nightmare event – Warzone and DMZ

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    During The Haunting event in Warzone and DMZ, players can deploy to Al Mazrah at night and complete various missions as part of Operation Nightmare. Basically, these challenges ask you to find and eliminate various supernatural entities on the map while surviving enemy players:

    wanted monster Location Challenge/Information
    The butcher Zaya Observatory, Al Mazrah City, Zarqwa Hydroelectric Plant, Al Samman Cemetery Secure the area and activate Lilith’s Altars to open a Nightmare Portal to the Butcher.
    swamp creature Mawizeh Marshes Search the swamp and open the egg pods to find the tiara to summon and defeat the swamp creature.
    the Pharaoh Oasis Secure the Skulls and place them in the Sarcophagus to awaken and defeat the Pharaoh.
    UFO Sawah Village Destroy the anomalies and the summoned UFO, then deliver the artifact to the portal.
    Ghost Train Train tracks Raid the Ghost Train and capture the Heart from the safe
    Evil spirits Al-Safwa Quarry, Al Mazrah City, Al Bagra Fortress, Al Malik Airport Loot containers in these locations to find a Reaper, Ghoul, Specter, and Witch respectively.
    Screenshot of pro game guides

    All of these six challenges will reward you with a unique calling card. Completing at least five challenges he will win you damn disaster BAS-P SMG blueprint, which I think is a great weapon for BR.

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    The Haunting Soul Capture Event – Warzone and DMZ

    The second part of The Haunting event in Call of Duty: Warzone & DMZ is pretty simple. For this it is necessary capture souls while playing the night maps. Souls will be dropped by dead enemy players, monsters and zombies.

    You will then be able to redeem the following rewards in exchange for the souls you have collected over time:

    1. 15 souls – Gone Batty weapon sticker
    2. 30 souls – Skull business card
    3. 15 souls – Dual Weapon XP Token
    4. 60 souls – A little cheesy charm
    5. 90 souls – Creature Copter Vehicle Skin
    6. 150 souls – Alien Death Ray Weapon Blueprint
    7. 15 souls – Join me loading screen
    8. 30 souls – Dual Weapon XP Token
    9. 30 souls – Bad luck charm
    10. 60 souls – Carved weapon sticker
    11. 90 souls – Battle Pass Tier Skip
    12. 200 souls – Violent End Weapon Blueprint
    13. 6 more redeemable rewards will be added on November 24

    In addition to these basic rewards, The Haunting event will also have two mastery rewards. By unlocking any 10 items from the list above, you will be given the Threats Operator Skin for Roze and Redeem 15 items I will give you the Tricks Konig skin, which I have shown above.

    Stay tuned to Pro Gaming Guides for more Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone content. In the meantime, check out our article on What playlists are in Warzone 2 today? (Updated weekly).


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