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    Being a first-person shooter, there is no shortage of weapons in Cyberpunk 2077. These weapons come in different rarities, but the most powerful ones you can unlock are iconic weapons. The Phantom Liberty expansion pack added a host of new iconic weapons to the game.

    All Iconic Weapon Locations in Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty

    You’ll find a list of all the unlockable iconic weapons and where I found them in Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty. These are unlocked during missions and while randomly exploring Dogtown. You may not be able to get all of these weapons due to your mission choices. Regardless, it’s always good to know what you’re missing and what dialogue options you can select to access some of these weapons.

    Agaou Ax – Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty

    Go to the Point of greatest criminal activity beside Luxor High Wellness Spa fast travel point. Defeat the Voodoo Boys members and their boss. Ayo Zarinand picks up the Agaou throwing weapon from his body.

    Baby Boomer Two-Handed Club – Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty

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    During the Dazed and confused concert, go to Lina Malina and convince her to perform at the BD store by paying her swirls. When Lina arrives to perform with Tool, she chooses the option. Convince him that he is a clone created by the FIA. Once the concert is over, he picks up the Baby Boomer baseball bat from the counter before leaving the store.

    Cheetah Power Gun – Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty

    After Damir treats Aaron at the No easy way out concert, Angie will arrive at the clinic. Don’t make a deal with her. I suggest you kill angie Immediately and take the Cheetah gun from his body.

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    Crimestopper Smart Gun – Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty

    During the The heaviest of hearts concert, you will be asked to enter the VIP wing on the second floor of The Heavy Hearts Club. You can find the Crimestopper pistol inside a suitcase in VIP room 06. Although Technical Skill Attribute Level 20 is required to open this room directly, you can simply go to the room with the quest objective and access Room 06 from there after speaking with Georgina Zembinsky.

    Cut-O-Matic Chainsword x-MOD2 – Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty

    Go to the location I have marked on the map by fast traveling to Terra Cognita. Outside the space museum, you’ll see a statue of a spaceship. Approach the area indicated in the second image and follow the path to the other end of the building (see third image). At the dead end, you’ll find the melee switchblade attached to a head.

    Dezerter Power Double Barrel Shotgun – Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty

    After arriving at Terra Cognita fast travel station, go to the parking lot area indicated in the second image. Outside the second to last garage, you’ll find a keyboard. Enter the access code 1975 to unlock Rinder’s locked stash. Pick up the powerful Dezerter Shotgun from the weapon case inside.

    Hawk Power Assault Rifle – Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty

    President Rosalind Myers will leave her faithful falcon weapon in your apartment in Dogtown after the Lucrecia my reflection The mission is complete. Return to the safe house on Kress Street any time later and you will find the gun near the entrance.

    Hercules 3AX Smart Assault Rifle – Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty

    You will have the opportunity to grab the Hercules 3AX pistol during the Paths to redemption Job. After defusing the bomb inside the stadium weapons factory, look for this weapon on the other side of the room where the ammunition was stored.

    His Majesty’s Power Pistol – Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty

    Her Majesty is one of my favorite new weapons and comes pre-equipped with a suppressor. Alex will offer it to you during the get it main mission after having discussed the plan in the basement of his bar. Make sure you open the indicated box (first image) to unlock the gun.

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    Kappa x-MOD2 Smart Gun – Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty

    For this weapon, you need to visit the location I marked on the map above. It is close to basketball court that you can easily reach from the Luxor High Wellbeing Spa and Terra Cognita fast travel points. Head to the old structure indicated in the second image. You can remove the metal sheet (third image) only if you have a Body attribute level 10. Crouch to enter the cockpit and take the Kappa pistol from the bag.

    Kyubi x-MOD2 Assault Rifle – Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty

    From the golden pacific rapid transit station, cross the street until you reach the indicated marker (second image), where you will see a pool. Jump into the pool and dive to the bottom to get the free Kyubi weapon.

    Mancinella Power Revolver – Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty

    During the Run this city mission, Mr. Hands will invite you to his apartment and give you the Mancinella pistol. You’ll get it regardless of your dialogue options.

    NDI Osprey Power Sniper Rifle – Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty

    During the Birds with broken wings main mission, once again you will find yourself in the alex’s bar basement. Make sure to grab the Osprey Sniper from the gun case in the armory room before you leave the basement before you leave, or you’ll miss it.

    Ogou Smart Gun – Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty

    You will be tasked with infiltrating the Voodo Boys base during the Treat symptoms Job. Inside the hideout, you will find yourself in a boss fight. Robot R MK.2 and other smaller robots. He defeats the boss and collects the Ogou Pistol from his body.

    Old Reliable Power Revolver – Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty

    Near the end of Shot from both sides At the concert, your client Bree will be confronted by Dante. There are two iconic weapons that you can get here if you make the right decision. kill dante before shooting Bree. He’ll drop the Ol’ Reliable revolver for you to pick up, but that’s not all.

    Riskit Power Pistol – Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty

    During the same Shot from both sides concert, talk to Bree after killing Dante. She will leave the Riskit pistol in the tablewhich you can then collect and add to your collection.

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    Pizdets Smart Submachine Gun – Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty

    Near the end of spy in the jungle concert, you will have to fight Boris Ribakov, a powerful enemy with the ability to run and turn invisible. He defeats the boss and gets the Pizdets SMG from his body.

    Raiju Tech Submachine Gun – Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty

    To get the Raiju SMG, go to the Point of greatest criminal activity nearly Kress Street fast travel station. Enter the Barghest facility shown in the second image, defeat the enemies outside, and follow the tunnel to reach the underground bunker. Kill the boss ross ulmer and grab the Cache access card from her body. Use this card to unlock the hideout (fifth image) and take the Raiju gun.

    Rasetsu Tech Sniper Rifle – Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty

    Rasetsu is a powerful sniper rifle that you can’t miss if you play the Phantom Liberty main questline. During the You know my name mission, you will take control of a weapon after neutralizing the Barghest sniper. Now, help Reed get to the other side of the building, after which your character will automatically take the sniper Rasetsu.

    Rosco Power Revolver – Cyberpunk Phantom Liberty

    Near the end of Waiting for the Dodgers concert, Dodger himself will appear once you reach the garage with Bill and Charles. I suggest you don’t waste your time chatting and kill Dodger right away. Take the Rosco Gun from his corpse and it will be yours forever. This gig gives you another iconic weapon.

    Volkodav Machete – Cyberpunk Phantom Freedom

    The Volkodav melee weapon can also be obtained during the Waiting for the Dodgers Job. Before reaching the garage, there will be a moment where Charles drops the can and alerts a Barghest guard. He takes out the guard and goes to the box I marked in the picture to get the Volkodav machete.

    He black market seller Several iconic weapons are also sold at Dogtown’s EMB Petrochen Stadium, so you may want to check out their collection in case you missed anything during the missions.

    Stay tuned to Pro Gaming Guides for more Cyberpunk 2077 content. In the meantime, check out our article on Cyberpunk Pistol build 2.0: Attributes, Perks, and Cyberware.


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