All the gods in Hades 2


    Like the original Hades game, Hades II allows players to meet a variety of gods and goddesses while fighting their way through enemies. This list contains all of the new gods found in Hades II and some familiar faces from the first game.

    Every god in Hades 2

    These are the 11 gods and goddesses of Hades 2 in the game at the time of the technical test. If more are added as the game develops, we’ll update this list to include them all!


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    Status Effect: Daze

    Apollo is the twin of Artemis and one of the new Olympian gods available in Hades 2. He appears when you collect his blessings, which are shaped like a sun. As I looked at his blessings, to me he felt like a variation of Hermes from Hades. Several of his buffs are quality of life improvements, such as making your dash faster, while others increase damage and apply the “Daze” status effect to enemies. The Daze effect gives enemies a chance to deal 0 damage.

    Example benefits
    Nova Strike Attacks deal more damage over a larger area.
    Lucid gain – Gradually restores mana while inside your Casts.


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    Status Effect: Weak

    Aphrodite is an Olympian goddess who returns from the original Hades. Her blessing is a pink heart and her status effect, Weak, causes affected enemies to deal less damage. Its advantages focus on both reducing enemy damage and increasing yours.

    Example benefits
    Flutter Bloom Specials deal more damage to nearby enemies.
    shameless attitude Deal more damage when you are at 80% health or higher.

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    Status Effect: Burn

    Hestia is one of the new Goddesses added to the franchise in Hades 2. While her appearance is a mystery, her flame-shaped blessing and fire-themed references make it clear that she is looking to increase firepower. Her status effect “Scorch” deals damage to enemies over time. Her Boons adds this status effect to your attacks and fire projectiles to some of your specials, among other uses.

    Example benefits
    slow burning ring Throws repeatedly inflict the Scorch status effect on enemies.
    controlled burning – Your special launches a fire projectile when used, costing you an additional 10 mana.


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    Status Effect: Slide

    Poseidon is the second Olympian god to return from the first game. His status effect has been changed from Knockback to Slip, causing enemies to be knocked back and take additional damage. This will be particularly useful in combination with his boons that push enemies away, such as Wave Strike. He also provides some damage reduction and resource gathering buffs.

    Example benefits
    wave hit Attacks hit enemies with a splash that knocks away other nearby enemies.
    Flood control – When entering a new room, remove 30 mana to reduce the damage you take.


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    Status Effect: Freeze

    Demeter was one of the last goddesses you met in the first game, but now she’s one of the first you’ll encounter in Hades 2. Her new status effect is “Freeze,” which causes enemies to freeze for a few seconds . I found this to be one of the most useful status effects for melee fights. Many of her perks apply this effect, but she also has a useful perk that restores mana while she remains idle during a fight.

    Example benefits
    ice strike Attacks deal more damage and inflict the freezing status effect.
    Ice Bloom Specials deal more damage and inflict freezing.


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    Status Effect: None

    Hecate is another of the new Goddesses in Hades 2. She does not provide advantages to the player, but takes on a mentor role similar to Nyx’s relationship with Zagreus. Players will not receive any buffs from Hecate. Instead, they will have to defeat her in a fight to pass the first area of ​​Hades 2.

    Example benefits
    Hecate currently grants no blessings.


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    Status Effect: Blitz

    As King of the Gods, it’s no surprise that Zeus has returned in Hades 2. His new Blitz status effect will hit enemies with lightning bolts after they’ve taken a set amount of damage. His perks will have the same lightning theme as in the first game. He also has a mana restoration method among the blessings of him, which I expect to be a common theme among most of the gods and goddesses available.

    Example benefits
    thunder race Causes nearby enemies to be struck by lightning when you run.
    Ionic gain – Gradually restores your magic, but decreases your magic bar by 70%.


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    Status Effect: None

    Hypnos was the excitable, sleepy God who would greet Zagreus as he died during a race in Hades. In Hades 2, he has been sleeping happily for years with no signs of waking up. You’ll only hear some snoring when you talk to him in Crossroads.

    Example benefits
    Hypnos does not currently grant boons.

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    Status Curse: transform

    Selene is the third Goddess added to Hades 2. As the Incarnate Moon, she gives players “Gifts of the Moon” instead of blessings. After meeting her, players can use a hex against their enemies. These deal a lot of damage, but have extremely long cooldowns. Its status effect, Morph, turns afflicted enemies into little sheep! This leaves them unable to attack, allowing you to take them down before they transform back into their original form.

    Example benefits
    Phase change Hex makes everything else move 80% slower for 5 seconds.
    lunar ray – Hex fires a beam that deals up to 1200 damage in 3 seconds.


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    Status Effect: Marked

    Artemis returns to Hades II. Instead of gifting the player with blessings like her twin brother Artemis, she takes on a role similar to Thanatos of Hades. She will randomly join the player to kill the enemies of a level. Unlike Thanatos, I found it easy to kill enemies faster than her. When the level is completed, you can get the level prize. Then, she will talk to Melinoe and let you choose from three of her blessings. Her curse status is Marked, like in the first game. She increases the chance of dealing a critical hit to an enemy. As she is the Goddess of the Hunt, many of her blessings have to do with the application of the Marked effect and the use of projectiles.

    Example benefits
    easy shot Fire a piercing arrow at any enemy damaged by your throw.
    First blood – Enemies with at least 80% health or armor have a higher chance to take critical damage.


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    Status Effect: Vent

    Hephaestus is another god from Hades II who was not available in the original game. His status effect, “Vent”, deals delayed damage to affected enemies. His advantages focus on applying ventilation to enemies, dealing explosive damage, and increasing the player’s armor.

    Example benefits
    volcanic blow Attacks occasionally create an explosion that deals 200 area damage.
    Fixed profit – You take -10% damage and restore magic when you take damage.

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