All achievements in Harold Halibut (including hidden ones)


    If you’re a fan of point-and-click narrative experiences, Harold Halibut will surely have caught your eye. If you want to get all the achievements while playing, read on to find them all, including the hidden ones.

    All of Harold Halibut’s achievements, including hidden achievements.

    There are 27 Harold Halibut achievements that you can discover and obtain while playing. I’ve organized them all into groups below.

    All achievements of Harold Halibut’s automatic history

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    You will receive the following achievements by advancing through each chapter of the game and completing it. You don’t need to complete all the side quests, just play the main story.

    • a slice of life: Received automatically upon completing Chapter 1.
    • The adventure begins: Received automatically upon completing Chapter 2.
    • A new form of soul: Received automatically upon completing Chapter 3.
    • Cultural Link: Received automatically upon completing Chapter 4.
    • chasing dragons: Received automatically upon completing Chapter 5.
    • Justice is a dish served hot: Received automatically upon completing Chapter 6.
    • Home is where the heart is: Received automatically upon completing the Epilogue.

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    All achievements from various chapters of Harold Halibut

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    The following achievements are completed in several chapters.

    • slow brother: This will be received automatically once you have spent 15 hours playing (time spent in the main menu does not count).
    • Forschergeist: You will receive this once you have put all the doodles in Harold’s notebook (these are collected automatically as you progress through the story).
    • Exchanger fixer: You will receive this achievement once you have talked to everyone about the Exchange.

    Clean machine

    This achievement has two parts (you will be asked to clean up graffiti via message each time):

    1. Chapter 1.3: Clean the graffiti on the laboratory wall.
    2. Chapter 2.1: Clean the graffiti on the laboratory wall.

    busy body

    This achievement has three parts:

    1. Chapter 1.3: Go to Gertrude’s Bier Zone in Agora Arcades and listen to the gossip (about the announcement and Filter Frankie).
    2. Chapter 1.4: Go to Gertrude’s Bier Zone in Agora Arcades and listen to the gossip (about the leak).
    3. Chapter 4.2: Go to Gertrude’s Bier Zone in Agora Arcades and hear the latest gossip.

    Family ties (and uniforms)

    This achievement has three parts, all related to the brothers:

    1. Chapter 1.3: Talk to Secretary 17 in Agora Arcades and then complete the optional tasks. He talks to Secretary 8 (in the central station) and then talks to Secretary 24 (in the All Water office where you start the game). You can then talk to Secretary 8 and Secretary 17 about Warren, the fourth brother.
    2. Chapter 2.1: Talk to Warren (of Water Wieners fame) in Agora Arcades and then talk to each of his brothers (Secretary 8, 17, and 24). Finally, she talks to Warren once again to complete the side quest.
    3. Chapter 4.4: Talk to the secretaries until you have completed the A Capella side quest.

    The postman always rings the bell twice

    This achievement consists of four parts, all of which involve talking to Buddy (they all start in the Utility District):

    1. Chapter 2.1: Complete the side quest, A Trip to the Past.
    2. Chapter 2.2: Complete the Lost Missives side quest.
    3. Chapter 2.3: Complete the side quest, Previous Post.
    4. Chapter 4.2: Complete the side quest, Deliver the Letter.

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    All Chapter Specific Achievements Harold Halibut

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    Chapter 1 Achievements

    You can (or sometimes must, as noted) complete these achievements during Chapter 1.

    • Rebel: During Chapter 1.1, try to exit through the All Water office door three times before sitting down with Felix. If you don’t do it right away, you’ll have to do it from a new restart, but the plus side is that it’s the first cutscene of the game.
    • Tubular!: You will get this automatically the first time you use the All Water Corp Tubing System in Chapter 1.1.
    • After skiing: Talk to Slippie at the ski shop and use his new dry ski slope.
    • The plot thickens: Once you’re at least through Chapter 1.3, watch TV for 10 minutes in the Lab District room. I found that this requires you to select the TV and watch it, rather than just being in the room with it on, which means Chris can’t be there.
    • You are a winner!: Once you’re at least through Chapter 1.3, go to Agora Arcades, to the Game Arcade at the end, and play Rapid Fly Zone Force for at least two minutes.
    • Participation certificate: Once you’re at least in Chapter 1.3, go to Agora Arcades, talk to Buddy the Mailman, and take part in the station race with him and Chris. Run with them, chat with Buddy afterwards and you’ll get the achievement.
    • Neoluddite: During Chapter 1.4 you will get instructions on how to use the sample storage machine. Later, after you have to clean the tank again, Brigette will message you and ask you to look at a sample. Go to the Energy Section, talk to Brigette and ask her, instead of looking for him in the Laboratory District. This will grant you Neo-Luddite status.
    • Manage up: You get this automatically after completing the Blue Rock quest! Stolen! Report to Mareaux! As long as you talk to Mareux after each step of the quest.

    Chapter 2 Achievements

    These achievements cannot be completed before Chapter 2. Some must be completed during this specific chapter (listed below).

    • Entertainment Onat Fan Club: Go to Agora Arcades, to the far right stage, and watch Onat perform. You just have to watch for a while.
    • Oh Captain! My captain!: Complete all of Captain Zoya’s optional tasks during Chapter 2.1. Go and talk to him in the Arcade at the beginning of the chapter. You’ll know you’re done when you receive the achievement. This includes checking your messages and talking to him when he requests to see you. This also includes completing the Finding Coco quest, which will happen automatically as part of the story later in the game.
    • Rubadubdub: During Chapter 2.1, go to the second room on the right side of the Social District corridor and use the bathroom door. She talks to the announcer under the shower to get the achievement.

    Chapter 4 Achievements

    The following achievements must be completed during Chapter 4.

    • Use of insider information: To complete this, you must complete an optional task assigned by Warren. Convince him to move the Water Wieners to the cave and the achievement will be yours.
    • Lucas warm: Slippie will give you a secret task, which is to help him settle in the Power District. If you help him, you will get the achievement.

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