All the best Wuthering Waves cosplays so far


    Wuthering Waves’ beautiful art style and characters make it a hot topic for cosplayers looking for their next muse. I’ll show you ten of the best Wuthering Waves cosplays I’ve seen since its official release.

    The 10 Best Wuthering Waves Cosplays So Far

    Although the official release of Wuthering Waves is still recent, it already has a large fanbase full of cosplayers. Some have started dressing up as Wuthering Waves characters more recently, while others have dressed up as their favorites at conventions and other events leading up to the game’s release. These 10 Wuthering Waves cosplays are some of the best I’ve seen. They all perfectly imitate beloved characters, from Resonators to Rover and even a villain.

    10 – Yinlin

    Yinlin was one of the most popular Wuthering Waves cosplay characters I’ve seen. I loved Alya’s portrayal of her because of how accurate she was with Yinlin’s hair and outfit. The height of the ponytail and side pieces of the wig are almost identical to Yinlin’s in-game avatar. They also imitated his dress, especially the neckline, especially well as they did not have an exact replica. If I saw them in cosplay, I would definitely recognize them and want to pose for a photo.

    9 – bis

    Image via DyangYi cosplay On Facebook

    DyangYi definitely has Encore’s cutesy look down to a T! Her makeup mimics the roundness of Encore’s features, especially her eyes. They also went well with the smaller details of the character. The bow on her neck is similarly off-center, they have a large bow on the back of her head, and even the ties on her ponytails look exactly like the ones she wears on Encore. If we were to judge by the accuracy of her appearance to the original character, DyangYi would get full marks.

    8 – Scar

    Image via 76 on Weibo (@Shiro_76_ On twitter)

    Shiro_76_ has done several notable Wuthering Waves cosplays, one of them being Scar from Fractsidus. His outfit contains even the smallest details of Scar’s costume, from the red harness-like top to the red tips on the fingers of his black gloves. He has also replicated Scar’s signature white hair with red tips, although it is styled a little differently in the photo above.

    7 – Jiyan

    Image via Piichame On Instagram

    This Jiyan cosplay from Piichame is a little older, as it was photographed during Gamescon 2023. However, it has aged beautifully since then and remains the best Jiyan cosplay. Of all the cosplays on this list, they have done the most to match the color scheme of their cosplay to their character. His replica of Jiyan’s weapon is equally impressive. His presence in this cosplay, especially in the photo above, gives off the air of an honorable and fair General.


    Image via 76 on Weibo (@Shiro_76_ On twitter)

    Middle-aged characters don’t usually get a lot of love in gacha games. Shiro_76 _ proves why they should with his portrayal of Yuanwu! While the outfit is cool on its own, the way Shiro_76 _ replicates Yuangwu’s facial features and hair is truly extraordinary. His glasses are identical to Yuanwu’s and the shape and color of his beard are perfect. I also love that you can see where Yuanwu’s gray hair is with his brighter blue hair color over Shiro’s ear.

    5 – Rover (male)

    A list of Wuthering Waves cosplays wouldn’t be complete without Rover! This Male Rover cosplay comes from Syu on Twitter. He replicates Rover’s longer black hair, dark suit, and sword very well. His cosplay appeared alongside a female Rover cosplay (which you’ll find further down this list) in a series of posts on the official website. Stormy Waves Instagram.

    4 – Sanhua

    Image via kotori_doll On Instagram

    Sanhua is one of the first notable NPCs that players will meet while playing Wuthering Waves. He exudes a strong, cold essence that cosplayer Kotori brings to life on Instagram. Her Sanhua has her signature red eyes, a Tacet mark on her arm, and gray hair. His jewelry, clothing, and hair accessories are also true to his character. If I ran into Kotori while she was looking for the Magistrate, I wouldn’t be surprised to see her.


    Minttcoser is a Vietnamese cosplayer on TikTok with one of the best Lingyang cosplays I’ve seen. They have included the large Lion Dance head that Lingyang wears in her outfit, making them memorable and easily recognizable as him. Her outfit and makeup are also very true to character, from the markings on her face to the fur on the cuffs of her pants. Those interested in cosplaying Lingyang will be able to watch Minttcoser’s process of making the costume during her video.

    2 – Rover (female)

    Both versions of Rover were other popular cosplays I found during my search for the best Wuthering Waves cosplays. I preferred Suki’s female Rover because she really was true to the character, particularly in her outfit. She has the same two-layer top, the split skirt with a wave design, and even the same hair and ear accessories. It’s such a perfect cosplay that it had a special feature on the official one. Stormy Waves Twitter while Suki and Syu (male Rover) traveled around the US and took photos in their cosplays.


    Yangyang was, without a doubt, the most popular character I saw in the Wuthering Waves community. Of all the cosplays I saw of her, Zekia’s was my absolute favorite of all. The light-colored strands of her hair and the way her bangs frame Yangyang’s Tacet brand are perfect. From what we can see of her outfit, it pretty much matches Yangyang’s outfit in the game. This includes her black gourd and her pose as she draws her sword from its sheath.

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