All Scar’s Correct Answers in Wuthering Waves


    He Rover’s first meeting with one of the supposed antagonists in stormy waves It’s an interesting combination of folklore and suspense. Scar He is an enigmatic trickster dressed in red, and his entrance is a test for us. He brings the questions and we bring the (correct) answers!

    All Scar questions and answers in Onimous Star – Wuthering Waves

    The players meet for the first time. Scar in an abandoned village during the main quest of Act III – sinister star. Entering the town immediately gives off an uneasy feeling and certain dialogue and elements certainly contribute to the atmosphere. Meeting Scar may be intimidating at first, but this eccentric antagonist apparently just wants to play with Rover. Therefore, it is important to take a look around us and absorb as many details as possible from this moment on.

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    Find and follow a unique Track Discord Go around and start collecting clues to find out exactly what happened to the people of this town. It will take you to a total of three clues, each with its own connection to Scar’s great tale. The game also says that the player can ask the Red Cloak Riddler for clues, but refuses to give them until he believes Rover has learned enough on his own.

    After Rover follows the TD (and hopefully the player gets some information about the environment), return to Scar and he will ask you three questions. Each question relates directly to his story.

    • Q1: Who was the real culprit for the decrease in the number of lambs?
    • Q2: What price did the lambs pay for their wishes?
    • Q3: What happened to the black lamb?
      • He was killed by his flock and the shepherd.
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    What happens if you answer Scar correctly or incorrectly in Wuthering Waves?

    Each question has a correct answer. However, answering correctly or incorrectly does not change the picture much; it just guarantees that Scar will be immensely impressed with your critical thinking skills and will also congratulate you on a job well done.

    Alternatively, players can hop entire mission and choose to fight Scar directly. During the exploration period, if you ask him for a hint, become aggressive, and choose to attack him continuously, you will be immediately teleported to the boss fight that happens later.

    No matter how the mission goes, the main story continues to progress normally whether you use your brain or brawn. As with many other dialogue options, there is no extreme change to the story. However, answering the questions correctly definitely brings some satisfaction, doesn’t it?

    After this mission, players must level up their Union level to continue adventuring in the open world. Now you have a little break from the main story to farm, complete some puzzles, and explore everything Solaris-3 has to offer.

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