All Rock Octorok Locations (Map) in TOTK – Zelda Tears of the Kingdom


    An easy way to get strong weapons in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is to find a Rock Octorok. They don’t clean up weapons for free like they did in Breath of the Wild, but rather they can give a specific weapon a special buff. The Rock Octorok is also one of the easier enemies to find. Players can grow a powerful arsenal just through cycling their weapons through Rock Octoroks and getting the right weapon buffs.

    Where to find Rock Octoroks in TOTK – Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

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    Rock Octoroks are native to the Eldin Province in Tears of the Kingdom. Specifically, they can be found around Goron City, YunoboCo Headquarters, and the mouth of Eldin Volcano. A couple Rock Octoroks can also be spotted along the trails that lead from Death Mountain to the Deplian Badlands towards the top of the map. I was even able to find a couple by the Black Hinox that rests down there.

    How to get Weapon Buffs from Rock Octoroks in TOTK – Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

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    Getting new weapon buffs from Rock Octoroks in Tears of the Kingdom is very similar to having them repaired in Breath of the Wild. Simply walk up to a Rock Octorok and plop the weapon down in front of it.

    When Link is near a Rock Octorok, it will hide itself underground. Once Link leaves, though, the Octorok will start its suction attack on whatever is in front of it. This means that, if a weapon was dropped nearby, the Rock Octorok will inhale it and spit it out with a new weapon buff. The weapon will also have all of its durability repaired as well.

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