Grimace Race codes (August 2023)


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    If you have been enjoying the Roblox game, Grimace Race, you’re likely going to need some codes to redeem in order to optimise your experience. If you’re unsure on the game it is a clicker racer where you will try and beat other players in hope of earning rewards. 

    Below you will not only find all the active codes you can redeem in the game, but also a handy guide on how you can redeem them, as well as what rewards you can earn. 

    Here is everything you need to know about redeeming codes in Grimace Race. 

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    Grimace Race codes (August 2023) 

    Grimace Race gameplay

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    There are a good amount of codes currently available in Grimace Race for you to redeem, so there should be something worth your time. The rewards range from pets to potions and will surely give you an advantage in the game. Make sure you enter the codes exactly as they appear below. Otherwise we can’t guarantee they will work. Here are all the active codes in Grimace Race: 

    Codes Rewards
    BLUETUBEALIEN BlueTubeAlien Pet


    BlueTubeZalien Pet


    Win Potion


    Broli Pet


    Win Potion


    Hydra Pet


    Boku Pet


    Dragon Pet


    Win Potion

    Grimace Race codes continue below…

    Codes Rewards


    Dragon Pet


    Bunny Pet


    Happy Red Dragon Pet

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    Are there any Grimace Race expired codes? (August 2023) 

    There are currently no expired codes in Grimace Race, however we will keep this section updating as some of the above codes begin to expire. 

    How to redeem Grimace Race codes

    Grimace Race code redeem screen

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    Redeeming codes in any Roblox game can be a cause for confusion as there is no set way to do so, it often varies from game to game. We have outlined below exactly how you can redeem codes in Grimace Race, so you can grab all your rewards without a hitch. 

    • Once in the game, you will find a blue icon on the left side of the screen
    • Once you select it, a text box will appear 
    • Now just pop your codes into the box 
    • Simply hit the ‘Verify’ button and you’re good to go 

    That’s all there is to know about redeeming codes in Grimace Race, as well as what codes are currently active. If you’re a fan of other Roblox games, make sure you take a look at what other codes we have available. For everything else, keep reading GGRecon. 


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