All of Goose Goose Duck’s New Roles, Explained



    Goose Goose Duck is a social deduction game that features several roles similar to games like Among or Town of Salem. Occasionally more roles are added with updates like Update 2.12 and 2.14. Here’s an overview of all the new roles for Goose Goose Duck.

    All new roles for Goose Goose Duck Update 2.14

    Update 2.14, also called Ancient Sands Updateadded three new roles: the Sorcerer, TrackerY street hedgehog. Here is the breakdown of what these new roles are in update 2.14 for Goose Goose Duck:

    • What is the role of Duck Warlock? – The warlock role is a special role for ducks that can summon a swarm of locus as sabotage. All tasks for this duck role are fake and warlocks only have access to their locus ability. We recommend working with other Duck roles so that you can trap Goose characters in buildings.
    • What is the role of Goose Tracker? – The Tracker role is a unique role added with the Ancient Sands update that can see through sandstorms. The unique aspect of this role is that he not only sees through the sandstorms, but also who is outside and moving in the sandstorms.
    • What is the role of the hedgehog on Goose Street? – The street urchin role is a unique role that can open any locked door/target from inside and outside a room.

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    All new roles for Goose Goose Duck Update 2.12

    Update 2.12 added two new roles to Goose Goose Duck, the Engineer and the Serial Killer. Here is the breakdown of what these roles are in update 2.12 for Goose Goose Duck:

    • What is the role of the duck serial killer? – The Serial Killer is a new Duck role added with the 2.12 update that focuses on killing Goose players. The role features a unique ability that reduces the death cooldown as more kills get serial killers.
    • What is Goose’s engineer role? – The Engineer role is an all-in-one role that takes on the responsibilities of the following roles: Snoop, Technician, and Mechanic. Engineers can also vent temporality and use their minimaps to see where the live ducks called tampers are coming from.

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