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    With every Adopt Me update, we can expect some exciting new features, from new items to new activities to complete around the world, but of course, I’m sure we’re all most excited about the new pets. Just like the Safari Update, we have some new fascinating animals joining us for a limited time. You’ll want to hop in and get them for yourself before it’s too late. Here’s how!

    How to get the New Jungle Theme Pets in Adopt Me

    The Jungle Theme update was a three-in-one update, bringing tons of new content to the game and, most importantly, three new animals that you can collect: Fossa, Bird of Paradise, and Giant Anteater. These are three jungle-themed creatures of different rarities, but they only are available for a limited time, so here’s how to get them as soon as possible:

    All the new animals are on display right in the main plaza; just look for the big sign that says, ‘Jungle.’ Hovering over them with your mouse will tell you how much they cost, then just click on the animal on the podium that you’d like to purchase.


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    The Fossas are the least expensive of the three new pets, costing only $500 Bucks. This pet is a cat-like creature native to Madagascar and, in my opinion, probably the cutest of the three, despite being the lowest rarity of Uncommon.

    Bird of Paradise

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    The Bird of Paradise is a beautiful breed of birds in stunning colors, found in Rainforests in only a few locations around the world. This pet is a step up from the Fossa, as a Rare, and can be bought for $1,300 Bucks. Like most bird pets in the game, you should be able to ride on the back of it and actually fly around.

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    Giant Anteater

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    Last but not least is the Giant Anteater. This cute, big pet is Rare, like the Bird of Paradise, but is a little bit harder to obtain than the others. That is because it costs Robux, which means potentially real money. To get him, you’ll have to pay R$100.

    You’ll only have two weeks, until August 16, to get these pets before they are removed from the game. Don’t wait too long to hop in, earn some Bucks, and collect them! Don’t worry if you aren’t able to, though, because once they leave, three more Jungle animals will be added in to take their place. Keep an eye out here for an updated list!

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