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    If you’re anything like me, chances are you were a bit confused when you first started playing the Yeet a Pet minigame in Pet Simulator X, and you may still have a few unanswered questions. If this sounds like you, don’t worry, I’m here to help! In the guide below, I’ll be going over a brief recap of what the Yeet a Pet minigame is, and specifically detailing how to use its upgrade system and what it offers.

    What is Yeet a Pet in Pet Simulator X?

    Yeet a Pet is a two-week-long, spin-off event taking place in Pet Simulator X between July 22, 2023, and August 5, 2023. While this event is active, players can visit and explore Yeet World, a space-themed world that contains a new Yeet a Pet minigame, which tasks players with rounding up their rarest pets to “yeet,” or throw, them as far as they can to earn special Yeet Coins. These Yeet Coins can then be used to buy Yeet World eggs, which contain limited-edition Yeet World pets. When the Yeet a Pet event ends, Yeet World will be removed from the experience, along with the Yeet a Pet minigame, eggs, and pets.

    What do upgrades do in Yeet a Pet in Pet Simulator X?

    The upgrade machine in Yeet World can be used to improve various elements of the Yeet a Pet gameplay. The orb currency you earn as you collect orbs around the map is spent here, and prices increase each time you purchase an upgrade.

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    There are five abilities available to upgrade at the Yeet a World upgrade machine, with each ability having 10 levels within it. The more you upgrade these abilities, the more strength you’ll earn from collection orbs, and the more orbs you’ll be able to collect in a shorter of time. You can also lower the prices of the Yeet Word eggs and increase the likelihood of hatching rarer pets by purchasing upgrades, and increase the chance of receiving “critical yeets” when playing Yeet a Pet, which simply means your pets will be thrown farther.

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    That’s it for this quick guide on how to use the upgrade machine in Yeet World and what it offers. You’ll need a quite a few orbs to max yourself out, so it’s best to start collecting sooner rather than later!

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