All Mysterious Parts Locations in Phasmophobia


    You must find mystery pieces on the Sunny Meadows map to assemble a snowball gun for the Phasmophobia Christmas event. Here are all the Mysterious Parts locations in Phasmophobia so you can find them easier and start hunting down the snowmen.

    All Sunny Meadows Mysterious Parts Locations in the Phasmophobia Christmas Event

    The 2023 Christmas event featured many dancing snowmen seven Phasmophobia maps that you must find and shoot. But first you will have to assemble a snowball gun with which you can shoot them. To do this, you need to find three parts on the Sunny Meadows map.

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    The first part is in Restricted wing in the basement. of sunny meadows.

    • Go through the main doors.
    • Go through the reception and go through the double doors at the end of the room.
    • Take the first door on the left and go down the stairs.
    • Go through the door at the bottom of the stairs.
    • Go straight down the hallway and continue until you find a snowman.

    The snowman points to a door where one of the pieces is. They’re the cutest tips that tell you exactly where to go once you’re around. Enter the room and you will see a bathtub full of blood, gifts, and a mysterious part that you need to grab.

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    The second mysterious part of Phasmophobia can be found in the courtyard of sunny meadows.

    • Go back up the stairs to the second floor.
    • Go straight down the hallway from here and then turn left.
    • Continue until you reach a door on the left wall that leads to the courtyard.
    • The snowman and piece are on the right once you go out the door.
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    You can find the third and final Mysterious part in the men’s bathroom and the wing.

    • Cross the courtyard to the door on the other side.
    • Go left down the hallway.
    • Turn right towards the men’s wing.
    • Go down until you see blood marks on the floor towards the men’s bathroom.
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    You will find another cute snowman holding the last part of the snowball gun. Once you have collected all the pieces, return to your truck and complete the contract. The snowball gun is now available on the truck. You can use it to complete the Phasmophobia Christmas event and get a Christmas-themed badge and trophy.

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