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    Like all One Piece-inspired games, Demon Piece is an RPG where you jump from island to island to complete quests and progress. While this may be easy for veteran players, it can be challenging for newbies. This guide lists all the islands, associated quests, level requirements, and directions to each one, serving as a reliable companion on your journey.

    Every Island Location, Level Requirement and Mission in Demon Piece (Map)

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    Below I have listed all of the islands in Demon Piece and their associated level and quest requirements. Level requirements refer to the minimum level your character must have to access the island and its missions. Use the map above as a reference to navigate to each of the islands and finish the quest related to them.

    windmill village

    Image via Demon Piece Trello

    Windmill Village is the first island that pirates can start on. Here you can participate in multiple missions, mainly related to getting rid of the evil bandits occupying the island. Additionally, it is home to the most popular Demon Fruit Shop, which allows you to trade devil fruits at will.

    • Level requirements: 1-35
    • How to find: Pirate starting island
    • Missions: Woppa, Abu, Boss and Zak
    • NPC: Set Home, Demon Fruit Shop and Eddy

    Concha City

    Image via Demon Piece Trello

    Shell Town is the Marines’ starting island in the game. Since this is the starting island, all the missions are simple, like beating up the rebel marines and getting them to the base. You can continue to “polish” these missions, repeating them to earn more experience points (XP) and level up until you reach level 35 to travel to the next island.

    • Level requirements: 1-35
    • How to find: Marine departure city
    • Missions: Captain Charles, Captain Nicholas and Knoxity
    • NPC: Set Home, Demon Fruit Shop and Marine Recruiter

    orange city

    Image via Demon Piece Trello

    Orange Town is the second island of Demon Piece. After reaching level 35, you will be able to visit it and embark on missions such as saving the village from the clutches of evil pirates.

    • Level requirements: 35-60
    • How to find: Located northwest of Windmill Village or northwest of Shell Town
    • Missions: Unrio and Rey
    • NPC: Set Home, Demon Fruit Shop, and Weak Wizard


    Image via Demon Piece Trello

    The Jungle is a set of two small islands in Demon Piece that you can travel to after reaching level 60. Of all the starting islands, the Jungle is very important because you will meet the NPC Alphirexwho will teach you the basics of Armament haki. Haki is an extraordinary power in the game that you can acquire and use to improve your combat skills.

    • Level requirements: 60-100
    • How to find: Located south of Orange Town
    • Missions: Zet and the monkey hunter
    • NPC: Set Home, Demon Fruit Shop, Dojo Teacher and Alphirex


    Image via Demon Piece Trello

    Baratie is a floating restaurant island in the middle of Demon Piece. Although it has some missions involving Dyna and Viz, you can also meet Sanji, one of the protagonists of the One Piece universe. You can visit the island after reaching level 100 in the game.

    • Level requirements: 100-150
    • How to find: Located southeast of Windmill Village or east of Jungle
    • Missions: Dyna and Viz
    • NPC: Set Home, Demon Fruit Shop, Merchant of the East and Sanji

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    Image via Demon Piece Trello

    Sandora is a desert island that you can access after reaching level 150 in Demon Piece. This island has many NPC quests, which provide XP bonuses, additional experience points that help you level up faster, and cash rewards (the in-game currency you can use to purchase items). I highly recommend traveling to this island to get a lot of XP and materials.

    • Level requirements: 150+
    • How to find: Located north of Shell Town
    • Missions: Cellierian, Wise, Shady Town and Vivi.
    • NPC: Set Home, Demon Fruit Shop, Merchant of the West and Fresh

    Arlong Park

    Image via Demon Piece Trello

    Arlong Park is an exciting island located east of Sandora. It contains several quests that can be accessed after level 240. You can also meet Rayleigh, the legendary haki teacher from One Piece.

    • Level requirements: 240+
    • How to find: Located east of Sandora
    • Missions: Bope, Zeno and the Child
    • NPC: Set Home, Demon Fruit Shop, Fisherman and Rayleigh


    Image via Demon Piece Trello

    Skypiea is an island on the ground. To access it, you must be level 315 or higher. Here, you must complete several quests that will prepare you to face Jovahn, the god of lightning and ruler of Skypiea.

    • Level requirements: 315-600
    • How to find: Located east of Arlong Park.
    • Missions: Ima, Sofen, Damu and Jovahn
    • NPC: Set Home, Demon Fruit Shop, Wyper, Retired Pirate, Sky Merchant and Carrot

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    Other unique islands in Demon Piece

    Aside from these islands, there are three unique islands in Demon Piece.

    City of Logue

    Image via Demon Piece Trello

    Logue Town is more than just an island northwest of Windmill Village. It is a vibrant community where players come together to have fun and interact. It is the largest gathering point to meet with various NPCs for various needs, fostering a sense of camaraderie and belonging.

    • Level requirements: N/A
    • How to find: Northwest of Windmill Village
    • Missions: N/A
    • NPC: Set Home, Demon Fruit Shop, Random Fruit Vendor, Blacksmith, Ted, Chore Boy, Weapons Dealer, Sword Vendor, Khabib, Deputy, Reputation Tracker, Bounty Hunter, Pirate Recruiter, and Title Holder

    abandoned territory

    Image via Demon Piece Trello

    As its name suggests, the Abandoned Territory is a lonely island southeast of Skypiea. It is a place where players can test their strategic and planning skills. Although it does not contain any missions, players go there primarily to obtain a computer microchip from the mysterious scientist and challenge Kuma to a Raid Boss battle, which requires careful planning and execution.

    • Level requirements: N/A
    • How to find: Southeast Skypiea
    • Missions: Kuma (boss raid)
    • NPC: Set Home, Demonic Fruit Shop and Mysterious Scientist


    Image via Demon Piece Trello

    The Colosseum is a unique island northwest of Baratie where players mainly gather to resolve their 1v1 battles. You can also find the Ancient Weapons Seller NPC, an essential character who sells new weapons and accessories in the game. These items can significantly improve your character’s abilities and make your game more fun and successful.

    • Level requirements: N/A
    • How to find: Northwest Baratie
    • Missions: N/A
    • NPC: Set Home, Demon Fruit Shop and Ancient Warrior

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