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    The speed of ghosts in Phasmophobia depends on the type of Ghosts. Most will have a standard speed of 1.6 m/s and speed up when they see players while hunting. There are eight Ghosts with different speeds, and knowing them can be helpful when trying to identify the Ghost. The Ghost’s speed is often tied to their Ability and can be controlled in some circumstances. These are all the Ghost Movement Speeds in Phasmophobia.

    Each Ghost with different speeds in Phasmophobia

    There are eight Ghosts with speeds different than the average of 1.6 m/s without a line of sight and 2.5 m/s when spotting the player. These Ghosts are:

    • Jinn – Moves at 2.5 m/s if the player is far away and the generator is on.
    • Raiju – Moves at 2.5 m/s if within the range of active electronics.
    • Hantu – Moves at up to 2.7 m/s the colder it is and can be as slow as 1.4 m/s in warm areas.
    • Revenant – Speeds up when the player is in line of sight to 3 m/s and slows down to 1.1 m/s when the player is hiding.
    • The Twins – The main Twin will be 10% faster than the average speed, and the decoy Twin will be 10% slower than the average speed.
    • Moroi – Moves up to 2.5 m/s depending on the player’s Sanity. When spotting the player, the Ghost can move at a speed of up to 3.9 m/s.
    • Deogen – Moves up to 3 m/s when far away from the player and slows down to 0.4 m/s when close to the player.
    • Thaye – It starts at a speed of 2.75 m/s and begins to get slower as time goes by while it is in one area. Its slowest speed can reach up to 1 m/s.

    How to slow down Ghosts in Phasmophobia

    Only a few Ghosts can be slowed down effectively, namely the Hantu, Jinn, Raiju, Revenant, Moroi, and Thaye. You can also use Monkey Paw wishes to interfere further with ghost movement speeds. Be careful, though, as those wishes in Phasmophobia come with a terrible price!

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    Slowing down the Hantu

    Because the Hantu gets faster in colder temperatures, turning on the generator is the most effective way of controlling its speed. The Hantu will attempt to turn off the generator to speed itself up and will never turn the generator on.

    Slowing down the Jinn

    Jinn requires that players are far away from them to gain their boost in speed and cannot speed up at all if the generator is off.

    Slowing down the Raiju

    Because the Raiju only moves faster around electronics, you can just turn them off to make it move at normal speed.

    Slowing down the Revenant

    The Revenant‘s speed is entirely dependent on spotting the player. It is the second slowest Ghost next to the Deogen, so using a Smudge Stick to guarantee it finds a hiding spot will keep it as slow as possible.

    Slowing down the Moroi

    The Moroi‘s speed depends entirely on Sanity, making Sanity Pills necessary to slow them down. Staying where there is light on will also maintain the player’s Sanity.

    Slowing down the Thaye

    Because Thaye‘s speed decreases over time, one of the best strategies to slow it down is to simply stay within the Ghost Room with Crucifixes and Smudge Sticks until the Thay ages.

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