All Disney Dreamlight Valley Holiday Quests and Rewards


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    Disney Dreamlight Valley is a life simulation adventure game where you get to join some of the best Disney characters and the most exciting upcoming characters to follow. There are many fun activities to complete around the Valley and special holiday events that also come with their own unique tasks and rewards. Get into the holiday spirit by attending to these festive duties and claim your exclusive prizes like accessories and furniture.

    All Disney Dreamlight Valley Holiday Quests

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    There are five different Christmas quests to complete for some exclusive festive rewards. You can find them hidden under the Village file of your dream light menu. All of them are marked with a present icon. However, these festive tasks won’t reveal what needs to be done to complete them, so players will need to experiment a bit. Or, you can follow these simple steps below to collect all your holiday goodies:

    A home for the holidays

    It’s time to decorate for the holidays! Place five pieces of Christmas decoration around your house to collect a new item to add to your collection. You can craft them, unlock them from the Star Path, or buy them from Scrooge’s Shop.

    cookie taste test

    As it is called, you will have to try some cookies. Learn how to make some Christmas cookie treats and eat three different kinds to get the reward for this quest.

    • Reward: Festive Candy Ears

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    Do you wanna build a snowman?

    Don’t forget to show some holiday spirit outside your Valley. For this mission, you will need to build a snowman from the crafting station and place it to receive a reward.

    • Reward: Festive candy ears with bow

    Even the fish are festive!

    Some special holly jolly fish are swimming in different ponds around the Valley. Catch each type of festive fish from the green and red fishing spots for a new festive accessory.

    hey! hey! hey!

    This quest may be the hardest to solve initially, but it’s well worth it for its huge reward. You will have to collect all the wrapping paper that is generated around the Valley and create three different types of gifts to give to three Disney characters.

    Once you complete the tasks, be sure to claim your reward in the Village Dreamlight menu. Let us know if you were able to complete all your festive tasks in the comments below! You can use your special rewards to dress up in your own merry outfit and decorate your Valley with Christmas decorations. Don’t forget to check out the crafting table to craft even more goodies.

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