Leaks Continue to Spread Amid Genshin Impact DMCA Scare


    Despite the DMCA subpoena request that Genshin Impact publisher Cognosphere filed against Ubatcha, leakers have continued to share version 3.4 beta content with little concern. The lawsuit was filed sometime between late November and early December through California district court, demanding that Discord hand over the personal information of popular leaker Ubatcha.

    The leaker responded by deleting all his Twitter posts, and others did the same. Then came a wave of drawn leaks teasing the alleged drip marketing artwork for upcoming characters Alhaitham and Yaoyao. The 3.4 beta has finally been released after delays and it seems that nothing has changed in the community.

    While well-known leakers like @genshinBLANK, @lumie_lumie, @projectcelestia, and @Plusleleaks continue to hide or remove their Twitter profiles, a new generation of leakers has taken over. the r/Genshin_Impact_Leaks The subreddit continues to buzz with activity, with information on upcoming content streaming in every day. Even YouTube and Tiktok leakers have continued to proliferate content: the DMCA incident is behind us.

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    In a recent statement from Ubacha, the leaker explained that they have yet to be contacted directly by HoYoverse, nor has Discord contacted them to share their personal information with the developer. They explained that they received a warning from Discord in August and were asked not to share content on the platform, which they complied with. The DMCA subpoena was filed against content posted before August, so Ubatcha responded by removing all of his content, as Discord had not confirmed exactly what needed to be removed.

    Meanwhile, Ubatcha has announced his withdrawal from sharing Genshin Impact leaks, but will continue to actively post other content on his platform. New leaks continue to pop up regularly, so this incident has done essentially nothing to close the floodgates on leaks.

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