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    Updated October 16, 2023

    Updated list!

    Descend into a world of extreme cycling in this game based on intense free descents. In this game full of dangerous stunts and fast-paced races, players search for the best cosmetic codes in the game to show off their style or dedication to their favorite teams. With our list of Descenders codes below, you can do just that.

    We have the complete updated list of codes provided by the official Descendants wiki listed below, all in one ordered list. For those of you who saw another player wearing a jersey of the team you want to wear in the game, you’ll find them all below!

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    All downgrade codes

    Codes are rarely added to Descendants and the ones that are added don’t seem to have an expiration date. All of the codes listed below should be active in the game, but be sure to leave a comment if one of them has expired so we can investigate it and remove it from the list.

    Active Downcodes

    • ADMIRAL CREEP—Redeem for the AdmiralBulldog t-shirt
    • DRAE—Redeem for the Draegast T-shirt
    • Yes, the boys—Redeem for the Jackhuddo t-shirt
    • SPEED—Redeem for the Jacksepticeye T-shirt
    • MANFIST—Redeem for the MANvsGAME t-shirt
    • NLSS—Redeem for the NLSS t-shirt
    • SODAG—Redeem for the Sodapoppin t-shirt
    • LOVE—Redeem for the heart of the flag
    • Slash—Redeem for Discord Bike
    • MISTAKES—Redeem for Bay Area Buggs jersey
    • FIRE CAT—Redeem for the Firekitten t-shirt
    • SOMETHING GRADED—Redeem for the Something Rad T-shirt
    • creepy—Redeem for the Skeleton T-shirt and Skeleton Pants
    • MERRY CHRISTMAS—Redeem for the Kinetic Christmas T-shirt, the Enemy Christmas T-shirt, the Tree Christmas T-shirt, the Tree Christmas T-shirt, and the Descendants Christmas T-shirt.
    • CIVRYAN—Redeem for the CivRyan t-shirt
    • ICEFOXX—Redeem for the Cashcow Bell, Cashcow Bike, Cashcow T-shirt, Cashcow Mask, and Cashcow Pants.
    • SMILE—Redeem for the RockLeeSmile t-shirt
    • teamrazer—Redeem for the TeamRazer T-shirt and TeamRazer Shorts
    • TOASTED—Redeem for the Toasty Ghost T-shirt
    • FUNHAUS—Redeem for the Funhaus t-shirt
    • TABOR—Redeem for the Sam Tabor Gaming T-shirt
    • CHILD OF WAR—Redeem for the War Child T-shirt and War Child Pants
    • NATIONS—Redeem for multi-nation sets
    • PRIDE—Redeem for 13 flags
    • SPE—Redeem for the Spe set
    • DOGTORQUE—Redeem for the Dogtorque set
    • KINGKRAUTZ—Redeem for the Kingkrautz set
    • HIGH VOLTAGE—Redeem for the high voltage set
    • STABLE—Redeem for training set

    Expired descending codes

    • HABIT—Redeem for custom gear

    How to redeem codes in Descenders

    Redeeming codes is easy, but many players don’t know where to look. To redeem codes on Descenders, follow these instructions.

    • Go to the Additional features menu.
    • Select the Redeem code option.
    • In the text box, enter the code exactly as it appears in the list above.
    • press the Confirm/Redeem Button to claim your reward!

    What are descending codes?

    Descenders is a game that includes short rounds in which you must compete against other players. It doesn’t focus much on in-game currency or resources like many other games. As such, codes in Descenders only serve to get you exclusive cosmetics so you can show off your style while you crush the competition.

    Why aren’t my Descenders codes working?

    Most Descenders codes have no expiration date. So the most likely cause of an invalid code is entering it incorrectly. To avoid this common problem, copy the code from our list above and paste it into the text box, instead of entering it manually.

    Game Description

    Descenders is a downhill freeride game that allows you to experience the thrill of challenging other players to experience the intensity and excitement of one of the most risky sports. Your goal in the game is to demonstrate your extreme cycling prowess by conquering the most intimidating course possible and make a name for yourself as a legendary Descender!

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