A Waze can look faster than ever on Android Auto!


    Android Auto received a complete overhaul earlier this year in Google I/O. Among the newties, it introduced a split interface that uses the full advantage of our cars’ screen. Having said that, the new version of Android Auto is coming up now, we already see the support for this system on Google Maps. However, the other apps that are popular equally, Waze, were out of place. It will still change. Waze will always look better on Android Auto.

    Waze will look better than ever on Android Auto!

    Many Waze fans using Android Auto Coolwalk were angry that Waze doesn’t support this split-screen mode yet. Mainly because this is one of the greatest functions of the new version and allows us to use several applications immediately. Google Android Auto will show our directions in one step, while the music player has more time for the other half.


    While Waze still opens in full-screen mode on Android Auto, some Reddit users noticed a pop-up message that suggested that an update was soon coming. According to the fleeting message, Waze will soon support Coolwalks split-screen mode. The timing didn’t specify the exact time that the service would take. However, that is good news.

    However, remember that you can test Android Auto, which is open to everyone. You must take part in the Android Auto Beta program on the Play Store. Even if there are no more subscriptions, you can download the Android Auto Booster from the APK Mirror and check the new layout for everyone else. While Waze is waiting for its update, it’s quite disappointing.


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