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    Traversing the rugged terrain of A Dusty Trip can be a real challenge for new players. However, with Dusty Trip Map in Roblox, you can easily mark your position and track your progress. This easy-to-use map is designed to be simple and intuitive, allowing you to prepare for future dangers.

    All important map locations in A Dusty Trip – Roblox

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    It is essential to understand that the entire universe of A Dusty Trip is based on RNG, which means that most elements, such as buildings or weapons, are generated randomly. However, some buildings/areas will appear at the exact location as you drive, serving as perfect guides. Next, I’ve used these iconic buildings to create a map of Dusty Trip, providing a sense of progress in the game.

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    • Bridge: The Broken Bridge is the first landmark in the game and appears in 5,000M. It’s a broken bridge containing some loot here and there. Although the initial part is passable, you must cross the ramp at the end of the bridge to continue traveling. So, back up quickly and drive your car over 100 km/h to jump.
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    • Control: Checkpoint appears after traveling. 7500M in the game. Here you will find several buildings on both sides infested with mutants. I highly recommend crossing the area quickly rather than fighting monsters for loot.
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    • Canyon: The Canyon is a small mountain valley in A Dusty Trip that appears precisely in 10000M. Several armed bandits are trying to steal your loot and valuable resources from your vehicles. I encourage you to fight these thugs for their valuable resources, which will help you on your journey. For fighting, anything like a role playing game either Mini would do wonders.
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    • Advanced Tunnel Camp: After crossing 15000M, you will find the advanced tunnel camp in A Dusty Trip. It is a temporary shelter where you will not see enemies and it has a lot of loot. At this point, I recommend completely fixing your car, refueling, and properly counting your supplies for your trip through the Tunnel.
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    • radio tower: When you arrive at 20000M, you will find a Radio Tower with a transmitter that can send messages to other players (friends) on the server to regroup. Also, here you can find many weapons and food as resources. But remember: the tower is full of basic mutants, so I recommend bringing melee weapons to clear them floor by floor.
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    • dead city: Ghost Town is like the final city of A Dusty Trip. You will be able to locate the town after traveling. 25000M in the game. You cannot fight the bandits in this area. It’s a great achievement to get this far in the game.

    How to use the map in A Dusty Trip

    Use the map to track your progress in the game, prepare for future problems, and help regroup with your friends at a familiar landmark. Also, use your car radio to communicate with your friends. For example, if you are about to arrive Canyon In the game, you can prepare for the fight with the bandits by loading your weapons and equipping shields.

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