$57% off: This 4K AMOLED, RTX 3070 Ti-powered Gigabyte laptop is only $1,099



    When I saw this laptop deal this morning, my jaw fell to the ground. Ebays selling the Aeronautic for $1,099.99, which is $1,449.01 off. The silver finish on the exterior gives it a clean, modern look. This 4K display has been dying for a lot. However, with the addition of a notch, it’s packing a solid heat and an RTX 3070 Ti, but no longer full two tiers more powerful than the RTX 3060 laptops you normally find in this price range.

    The Gigabyte Aero is powered by a Intel Core i7-12700H CPU, a ferocious Nvidia GeForce RTX3070 Ti, 16GB of RAM, and 2TB of SSD storage. That is a lot of power, so you shouldn’t be able to play all the games on high or ultra graphics. Because of its massive capacity, the Aero would also make a solid content creation laptop. The 16-inch display, with 3580 pixels, is very impressive. A picture shown on the screen needs to be bright, bright and crisp.

    Since there were already 950 units, it was the very least cost of managing the job. We don’t see deals like this very often.

    For $1,099.99, on eBay.



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