How to get to Sanctuary Grove in God of War Ragnarok



    Finishing God of War Ragnarok will take around 30 hours for most players, as there are nine different realms to explore, plenty of puzzles to complete, and waves of enemies to fight. Unfortunately, the New Game+ option is not available, but players who finish the game can continue playing as there are still things to do. Getting to Sanctuary Grove has been troublesome for many players, and we’ll help you with this guide!

    How to get to Sanctuary Grove God of War Ragnarok

    To get to Sanctuary Grove God of War Ragnarok, you need to finish The Realms of War quest. Without giving away any spoilers, once you defeat the final boss, the credits will start to roll. Afterwards, the game will return you to the world. You will be free to explore and finish any remaining objectives and collect the remaining collectibles.

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    • Your first goal is to go to sindri’s house at Mystic Gateway.
    • Ring the bell on a tree by throwing an ax to summon ratatoskrthe little squirrel
    • After the conversation with him, take the bag containing Ygdrassil seeds.
    • select Midgard by using the Mystic Gateway.
    • you will see a new Gateway not discovered. This is Sanctuary Grove, which means it is now unlocked.
    • Select it and press X to go through the Portal.

    Sanctuary Grove is a place where Odin banished Freya. It is a different place because it has a giant turtle that can be seen on the map. If you visit it again after beating the game, you can get a Mirkweek flower. It is located to the east of the giant tortoise. This flower is needed to complete the Nine Realms in Bloom quest.

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